Mod Development Toolkit Version 2.0 Beta K

Electronic Arts is proud to present you with the Battlefield...

Mod Development Toolkit Version 2.0 Beta K

Electronic Arts is proud to present you with the Battlefield 1942 MDT (Mod Development Tool). This toolkit with give you everything you need to create your own mods.

Date: November 28, 2003

- 3dsmax tools

.SM export, named export supports exports of seperated LOD objects (eg. LOD01_LeftWing, LOD01_sidePannel)

- WinRfa

File open dialogs, read Only checkboxes have been removed.

Smart save, only repacks when the file has changed (save changes button).

When changing selection, user is prompted to save changes if there were changes (Yes/No Dialog).

- ALL RFA programs

Fixed Crash, Extract mod folder command

Disk space is now checked before packing an archive

Disk space is now checked before unpacking all files from and archive

Read only disk spaces return disk freespace errors now. (unpacking or packing to a CD rom for example)

- SSC editor

File open dialogs, read Only checkboxes have been removed.

Pressing Enter will no longer exit the program.

- Menu Editor

File open dialogs, read Only checkboxes have been removed.

Fixed several crash bugs

- Mod Wizard

Prompts user with more helpful dialog, if mod with same name exists or invalid characters are used in the mod's name.

Date: November 21, 2003

- RFA tools (ALL)

Better packing all around (speed, progress updates, large files, disk usage)

- 3dsmax tools

Treemesh now has simple triangle sorting (for better transparency appearence in game)

Weapon .ske and .baf import/export improved

Weapon .ske import will search for and attach itself to Bip01 R Hand properly

Weapon .ske and .baf export/import has been modified (there were some mixups with transforms)

Notes/Tips on weapon animations:

+ Have the player model scene open before importing a weapon's skeleton.

+ Weapons should have one base model parented to "Bip01 R Hand".

+ You can add children to the base but try not to add children to the children of the base.

+ Export weapon .baf animation only of moving children of the base.

+ The weapon base should always stay fixed to the Right Hand (Try not to animate the base directly).

Date: November 7, 2003

- 3dsmax tools

Fixed, .rs import blendsource and blenddest

Fixed, .sm export dropped faces with certain modifiers present with selected faces

Fixed, .sm import collision mesh crash if .sm had no collision model

Date: October 31, 2003

- 3dsmax tools

FIXED, Animation file export crash when using over 126 frames of animation

Date: October 23, 2003

- GuiRfaPack

FIXED, Now allows you to pack to an open .rfa file (While game is running)

- WinRFA

Pack directory dialog remembers your path settings. (While the program is still running)

FIXED, pack folder dialog, invalid character checks

FIXED, memory leak in rfa packing

- Console RfaPack

Rewrote .rfa packing methods to allow very large files and very large numbers of files to be packed.

- 3dsmax tools

FIXED, .sm export crash, when standardMaterial of type: "Strauss" was used

FIXED, choosing mod wizard or rfa tool from the menu no longer crashes

when chosen before ModelExport,Animation Export, etc...

- Menu Editor

Find command now tells you if the text could not be found.

- Mod Wizard

FIXED, Sets the gameID for bocage based on mod_Name

Added, MapIcon that shows up for the maps that will function for that mod

Added, Opens the new mod's folder after mod creation

Date: October 13, 2003


Fixed selection from resetting to item 0, after packing all folders

- Menu editor

Tooltips Added

- SSC editor

Tooltips Added

- 3dsmax tools

Lightmaped .sm export now also keeps vertex normals intact

- WinRFA


1. User is given an option to create a new folder when being asked to select a mod for decompression.


2. Crash bug - a) open WinRFA. b) Select menu option pack. c) Select ... (browse). d) Cancel. The program crashes after Cancel is selected, ERROR! Major Crash! dlg.DoModal()


7. Pack can be performed into a subdirectory of the folder being packed, this places a .rfa.tmp file within the archive.

FIXED (ISSUE ADDRESSED with warning box, normal behavior)

8. After Pack is selected, if the Base Path is altered to have nothing in it, when the .rfa is extracted again, all files start out in the root directory, then sub-folders are put into the folder selected for extraction to.


9. After Pack is selected, if the Base Path is altered to have illegal characters in it, ( : * ? " < > | \ / ), when extraction is performed, folders are extracted into the chosen directory, but no files are extracted. If the illegal character is \ The program crashes, ERROR! Major Crash! dlg.DoModal() during pack.

Date: October 10, 2003

- 3dsmax tools

Export of .sm no longer requires .3ds export/import to fix Texture verticies

Vertex normals are now kept for direct export ( .sm meshes no longer have extra hard edges )

Date: October 9, 2003

- Menu editor updated (v0.8)

- 3dsmax tools

Fixed one line of code in maxscripts, simple shader export now includes texture file name

Date: October 5, 2003

- Menu editor updated (v0.6)

- BF_Tools.exe frontend updated for better .ssc editor support

- SSC editor has been cleaned up and should be more useable.

Date: October 3, 2003

- Menu editor updated (v0.5)

- BF_Tools.exe frontend updated with weblinks for the 2 help buttons.

Date: October 02, 2003

- Menu editor added

- Rfa unpack console bugfix (extract directory path check)

- BF_Tools.exe frontend menu editor launch implemented

Date: Sept 24th, 2003

- FrontEnd as "Tools\BF_Tools.exe"

Date: Sept 20th, 2003

- WinRfa (v1.92) now has new browse for folder dialog style

with Create Folder button, Type in path etc..

- 3dsmax tools

Import .sm now imports to the bf1942_rs material type instead of standardmaterial

Export .sm uses different method for exporting materials as well

Wrapper functions are now in use to help make the port to gmax

- Sound Script editor v0.51

Uses registry to store extracted sound files location (tools->settings dialog)

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