Resident Evil 2 v1.04

Adds support for NVidia TNT chipset-based video cards...

  • Category Survival
  • Size 1.3 MB
  • Program by Capcom

Resident Evil 2 v1.04

Adds support for NVidia TNT chipset-based video cards.

Installation instructions

Resident Evil 2

V1.04 Graphic Support Patch for NVIDIA (TNT) Chipset.

After downloading the "" file to your computer,

follow the steps below.

1. Place the "Res2 Leon" CD (disk 1) if your

playing Leon, or place the "Res2 claire"

(disk 2) for Claire, into your CD ROM drive.

If the Resident Evil 2 pop up menu appears,

click on the "Exit" option. (This will occur

only if you have "Auto insert notification" on.)

2. Create a new folder on the desktop called "Patch."

3. Unzip the "Res2.exe" file you downloaded into

the folder. When the file is finished unzipping,

you should have a total of 8 files in the new


4. Double click on the "Leon.bat" if you're playing

Leon, or double click on the "Claire.bat" file

if you're playing Claire.

To verify the patch was loaded, watch closely when you

start Resident Evil 2. As your computer changes resolution,

you will notice a window open and the message "V1.04" will

appear in the "Title bar."

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