Half-Life 2 - Orion Mod Beta v1.2

Orion is a total conversion utilizing Valve Software's

  • Category First Person
  • Size 1,367.8 MB
  • Program by Orion Project Team

Half-Life 2 - Orion Mod Beta v1.2

Orion is a total conversion utilizing Valve Software's Orange Box engine. Orion immerses the player in an intense online experience with dynamic combat and a vast array of new features. Featuring fast-paced tactical gameplay on futuristic battlefields, Orion brings the fun into gameplay.

This updated client now in public release includes new maps, improved features and bug fixes.

Step 1: Go to Options -> Keyboard.

Step 2: Clicked 'Advanced'.

Step 3: Go back to the game. Hit the ( ~ ) key (next to the "1" key).

Step 4: Type the following commands to obtain the desired effects:

bind g +grenade1 / Throw Grenade.

bind t +hudoverlay / View Objectives (temporarily broken).

bind 6 +cloak / Enable Cloak (Sniper Class only).

bind b +dropflag / Drop the flag as the Flag Carrier.

Also, if you would like to play with the developers, we have a server for you. We'll be making our private test server a public beta test server for this week and possibly next week. Most of the devs and official testers will probably be in here. The server information is below:

LZ LinuxWarz Gaming Server - Orion Beta 1

IP: shinigami.linuxwarz.com ( connect shinigami.linuxwarz.com )

Port: 27015

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