NeoTF v1.9.0 Linux Server

NeoTF is a server-side MOD (addon) for VALVE's Team...

NeoTF v1.9.0 Linux Server

NeoTF is a server-side MOD (addon) for VALVE's Team Fortress. It adds new class-based weapons and features to the existing TF features, along with various Admin-only features.


STEAM Public Release 1.9.0 - 16 Dec 2004

- Fixed "neotf_kill_xentree" command not removing admin spawned entities.

- Fixed missing "[NeoTF]" log tags.

- Fixed snarkcam view bug when detonating snarks.

- Fixed Spy invisibility share bug (invis remains when feature turned off).

- Modified MultiGuns: Default MG cell cost set at 100.

- Modified Scout Teleport Disks: Added statubar display for # of used disks and jumps left.

- Modified AntiGren pods: Fixed bug where heal was only triggered when

players health was less than their maxhealth.

- Modified HW Powerups: Powerup is destroyed if it clips into world (spawn error).

- Modified HUD help: Moved message position to upper left in HUD.

- Modified Help system:

- Added new server help file "playervars.txt" for Player VARS info.

- Added new help commands "ntf_help_vars" and "helpvars" .

- Modified ntf_tank : Func Tank color now green.

- Modified Tentacles:

- Removed debug logging.

- Fixed bug where tentacle maw sometimes spawns moving.

- Modified Barnacles:

- Fixed bug where 2 barnacles can catch the same prey.

- Fixed bug where you can fire sniperrifle while barnacled.

- Modified admin glow commands: entering "0 0 0" as color removes glow.

- Modified admin ammopacks: Increased limit to 8 packs per admin.

- Modified Speedball: Set team colormap when player picks up or drops item.

- Added Admin commands:

"ntf_status" : Gives player position and angles/yawangle info (AUTH LOWLEVEL)

"ntf_item_antidote" : This item cures plague and medic infections.

- Added new entities to HLDS ntfsv_create:

"ntf_item_antidote" : Cures infections.

"ntf_teleport_pair" : create one teleport entrance and it's exit.

"ntf_restock" : This item will restock NeoTF ammo for:Teleport disks, Flashgrens,

Soldier Remotes, Saberdiscs, Snarks and/or Pyro Freeze.

- Added Admin entity-specific removal commands:

"neotf_kill_discoball" : Removes all discoball entities you created.

"neotf_killall_discoball" : Removes ALL (neotf-only) discoball entities from map.

"neotf_kill_discoball2" : Removes all discoball2 entities you created.

"neotf_killall_discoball2" : Removes ALL (neotf-only) discoball2 entities from map.

"neotf_kill_makelight" : Removes all makelight entities you created.

"neotf_killall_makelight" : Removes ALL (neotf-only) makelight entities from map.

"neotf_kill_antidote" : Removes all antidote entities you created.

"neotf_killall_antidote" : Removes ALL (neotf-only) antidote entities from map.

- Added HLDS server command ( "ntfsv_command" prefix):

"lightstyle" : Allow server to change/restore map lightstyle.

"neodate_all : "Allow server to display date info.

"neotime_all : "Allow server to display timeleft info.

"glow_all : "Allow server to make all players glow.

"cure_all : "Allow server to cure all players of Plague or medic infections.

"plague_all : "Allow server to give all players a Plague infection.

"mp3_all : "Allow server to play HL MP3 tracks to all players.

- Updates to Help and Documentation.

- Updates for Metamod (version 1.17.3).

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