Doom 3 - Zombie Slayer Mod V1.0

Zombie Slayer is a Doom 3 mod that incorporates gameplay...

Doom 3 - Zombie Slayer Mod V1.0

Zombie Slayer is a Doom 3 mod that incorporates gameplay from games like Dragon's Lair and Shenmue, but with a twist -- you have three chances to successful input the correct key. Fail three times, and you are dead. The story: You are John McAllen, a mercenary hired for an outpost on Mars. You have been awoken from an alarm: Zombies have overrun the base. Now you and some other survivors must escape with your lives. A chainsaw zombie. A constant internal struggle between survivors. Infection. How will this end? The mod is split up into four chapters.

To install, extract the zip to your Doom 3 directory. Go into the slayer directory (it should be under Doom3\slayer\), and run slayer.bat if you have a standard 4:3 screen or run one of the widescreen .bat files if you have a widescreen display.

The mod is to the point of completion after over two years of work. Through this time, the mod has been through many changes. Many of the better changes have been done from people who have helped out with the mod.

I would like to thank the following people:

6th Venom: for helping with the button interface at the last second and Neurological for helping convince me that the interface was seriously hosed

Mystic Realmz: for creating the soundtrack

Gazz: (former lead designer of Classic Doom for Doom 3) for doing level design work in his spare time

David Kosta: for creating the excellent 2D art work you see in the loading screens

deadite4: for supporting the mod with miscellaneous tasks

all the voice actors for understanding the script and getting a feel for the characters by themselves instead of taking the script literally

the mod/gaming community for their valuable input on the demo

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