this is a high rise ctf map dont look down...


this is a high rise ctf map dont look down


--------------+++++******CTF-Map:Don't Look Down++++++---------------------

Creator:John Bakie (MrBliss:Lith-Tech mastermind)

Creation Time:about 5 days on and off


Single Player:Definitely not

CTF:certainly is in SNS (other versions will follow)

Compile Time:about 3 minutes fully optimised on a PII 333Mhz (pretty quick)

Players:about 20 (might work with up to 24-only 14 start points)

Contained Files:This readme, SNS_HIGH_RISE

------===Special Thanks===--------

I would like to thank the following people

Infern0-for testing the level and being a punchbag for me to let my anger out on

Kable-umm... well he did nothing so harras him

Chris-for giving me ops in #monolith

Coonz-for being in #monolith

all of ss and GT-mad-for being in the #monolith chat room

My Family-for not making me be to sociable and for getting cable TV again

Those crazy ops in #gamespy-for banning me without fail everytime I go in(exept CobbyTGS because she's just an evil bitch)

ChildsPlay-for being lenient when i go crazy on the planetquake IRC server

all of the [HsF] clan-for getting really pissed off with me when I got channel auto-ops anf fucked you all up

All Punks everywhere ever-for being punk like me

Trendy people-for taking the piss and for giving me someone to laugh at(Michael Leftbridge is a fat pimp!!!)

Me-for being really good and clever


umm this is mine don't copy it or i'll send a big fat man over to beat the shit out of you

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