BadBlue File-Sharing Web Server

BadBlue is a tiny, Windows-compatible web server that comes...

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BadBlue File-Sharing Web Server

BadBlue is a tiny, Windows-compatible web server that comes search-enabled "out of the box". It makes it easy for you to share files with friends - even letting them surf directly to your machine and download files. And since it's a web server, you can completely customize it!

BadBlue is a very small (e.g., download is less than 170K) but very powerful Win32 web server that is designed to be very easy to use for file-sharing, PHP/HTML development and general web serving usage.

It also comes search-enabled so that you can immediately use it to share files with friends. Some of its features include:

- Easy peer-to-peer file sharing and searching

- PHP, Perl, ISAPI and CGI support

- CLF web server logging

- Directory browsing

- Transcode live Excel, Word data into HTML

- Define user accounts

- Control access to files and folders by user

- Restrict access by IP address (incl. wildcards)

- Define virtual directories

- Supports user-definable "soft firewall" filters

Easy and incredibly tiny (download is typically less than 170K). Worth considering if you need a fast, immediately accessible PHP server. The latest security features ("soft firewall") allow the server to be patched against URL-specific attacks "on the fly".

Free download here:

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