BF1942 Standalone Server v1.6.19

This is a standalone server which incorporates the 1.6.19...

BF1942 Standalone Server v1.6.19

This is a standalone server which incorporates the 1.6.19 fixes for the shipped version of Battlefield 1942. This dedicated server allows you to host ALL maps and ALL game modes.

Dedicated Server Specific Changes / Bug Fixes

Added Support for Punkbuster Anti-Cheat Software

- Visit for more information

Win32 Dedicated Server Implemented Through Back-port of the Linux Dedicated Server

- Runs in console mode displaying a status monitor with an interactive console.

- The server uses a different binary than the game (bf1942_w32ded.exe).

- Status monitor changes (compared to Linux server 1.5):

* Added chat feedback.

* Added number of tickets and current round number.

* Added game state (playing, paused, etc.).

Added Support for Mixing Mods, Maps and Game Modes in the Maplist.

- (NOTE: This is only supported from the dedicated server GUI)


Please note that all old maplists are incompatible with this new feature and will have to be created again. Running the server with an old map list will not work.

- As a result of this the game.serverGamePlayMode command in the ServerSettings.con file and the +game command line argument are now obsolete for dedicated servers and should not be used.

- The Maplist.con was changed to allow three arguments: game.addLevel < mapname > < game mode > < mod >, e.g. game.addLevel Gazala GPM_CQ bf1942

** NOTE : the following commands now also use this functionality:

* admin.changeMap

* admin.setNextLevel

- Updated the DedicatedServer.exe launcher program to allow for creation of maplists with the new functionality.

Updated Chat System

- Fixed "chat lag" by streaming messages over a high-priority channel.

- Added basic flood protection which prevents players from taking to much chat bandwidth by "spamming".

- Added chat text as messages to the status monitor console.

GameSpy/ASE Host Reporting Changes

- Added (kills/deaths) to ASE score format.

- Added roundTimeLeft to GameSpy keys.

- Added reporting of cd key hashes to GameSpy keys.

- Added active_mods key showing all mods in map cycle.

- Added content_check key showing content checking mode.

- Converted GameSpy reporting keys to lowercase and replaced spaces with underscores to facilitate filtering in external browsers.

Upgraded XML Logging Format to 1.1

- Added support for CD key hashes for players.

- Fixed a few spelling errors for keys.

- Fixed a bug where compressed XML logs where sometimes being corrupted.

- Escapes non-printable characters as bf:nonprint tags.

- Added chat text messages to the XML stream.

Updated Banning System

- Bans can be set on CD key hashes as well as IP addresses.

- Timeouts can be specified in these ways: admin.banPlayerKey [timeout]

* Where timeout can take one of these formats:

* Omitted or 'perm' meaning that the ban is permanent

* An integral number meaning the number of seconds the ban will be

active (i.e. 3600 means one hour)

* 'round', meaning the ban is active until the next map

* An integral number prepended by a colon (i.e. :1234567), meaning

the epoch exporation time of the ban (number of seconds since 1 Jan 1970). This option is most usable by external tools.

* IP address bans continue to work as earlier but include the new

timeout options as well.

* Bans are stored as absolute times in banlist.con. Existing bans in banlist.con will be interpreted as permanent bans.

Updated Content CRC Generation

- Generation bat files are now created only for the mods you select. The new bat files are named getcrc-.bat.

Updated Remote Console Output

- The remote console now mirrors text written to the main console by prepending each mirrored line by a hash character (#). This is useful to capture chat text from external tools that periodically send commands to the remote console.

- Please note that if several remote connections are made, the state of the mirroring is cleared so that mirrored console lines can easily be lost. Thus if you plan to use this feature in a tool, please only connect with one remote console connection at a time to ensure that you will get the correct results.

Other Fixes/Changes

- Added installation sanity checking that will tell you about common installation errors such as missing files. The sanity checking is done automatically at startup.

- Added more readable error messages for common errors such as misspelled level names.

- The game.listPlayers command lists cd key hashes of connected players when running in internet mode.

- The game.showPorts console command can be invoked to display the

ports currently used by the server.

- Added overlayPath feature to support running multiple server instances from the same installation directory. To set up an instance, please follow these steps:

* Create a new, empty directory to hold the instance, for instance


* Copy the mods\bf1942\Settings directory from the main installation

to the new directory

* Create a new, empty Logs directory in the instance directory

* Start the server with the overlayPath argument in a shortcut:

- bf1942_w32ded.exe +overlayPath C:\Server1

- Please note that the working directory for the server must still be

set to the main installation directory.

- Also please note that if your overlayPath contains spaces you will

need to quote the path in the arguments in one of these ways:

* bf1942_w32ded.exe +overlayPath 'c:\path with spaces\server1'

(single quotes)

* bf1942_w32ded.exe +overlayPath """c:\path with spaces\server1"""

(note that these are three double quotes)

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