World War 2.5

This mod is called WWII due to the new WWII planes mixed in...

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World War 2.5

This mod is called WWII due to the new WWII planes mixed in with the current units. See more info for complete details.


Most buildings now cost $50, and build much, much faster. There are some

exceptions (ore refinery costs 1400, but still builds fast, and some buildings, such as

the cloning vats, are the same price and still build slowly), but for the most part, base

production is sped vastly. That's just because the fun of the game is the battling, not

waiting for your refinery to build. All units, however, remain unchanged.

Allied power plants generate 2000 units of power instead of 200. Tesla

reactors generate 1000 instead of 150. Nuke reactors generate 2000 still. I hate running out of power, so I threw in the upped power production.

Allies can now build the B-17 flying fortress. It's not historically

accurate, since it is VTOL, and has the exact stats of the harrier, but it's still cool. It

looks like the paratrooper plane, and drops bombs in a bombing run fashion. very cool, and very devastating in groups.

Soviets can now build bomber command (its an air force command center,

except now it's soviet), in order to build the PE-8 heavy bomber. It looks exactly like

the B-17, but is slower, more heavily armored, and can do 2 bombing runs in one flight, instead of just one. VERY cool. The soviets may also build the Sputnik Satellite. It's a radar tower, except it functions as a spysat.

America now drops SEAL paratroopers. The recharge time is still the same,

and it still drops 8, giving America a MASSIVE advantage in Skirmish mode.

I removed the shroud in skirmish mode. No more sitting in the dark until

you have a spysat, and no more sending dogs to the corners of the map.

One more thing: I unlocked some of the themes, so you now have more music

available to you for the in-game soundtrack. Check it out.


The icon for the B-17 and PE-8 are exactly the same, and they have no text

(not no string, just no text on the sidebar image), and the color is off. I don't know

why, but it is. The icons are there, though, so it's no real problem.

The sputnik satellite for the soviet has no bottom half. all you see on he map is the rotating radar dish. Once again, i don't know why, but it's no real problems.

The bomber command for the soviets is strange looking, parts of it are

invisible. However, it doesn't detract from it's function, so it still works fine.

The PE-8 seems to be able to land anywhere on the map. i don't know why,

ut it does. Just make sure you return it to base manually, if you tell it to move

somewhere. After a bomb run, it automatically returns to base.

The PE-8 has the voice of the kirov, and will say "Kirov reporting", occasionally. Disregard that.

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