Fallout: New Vegas - Zombie Apocalypse Mod

Everywhere in the Mojave, there are now zombies...

Fallout: New Vegas - Zombie Apocalypse Mod

Everywhere in the Mojave, there are now zombies. I hope you are prepared to fight. The zombies have their own factions, and are hostile to absolutely everything aside from other zombies. They have a 20% chance to infect non-essential humans (aside from the player) when attacking. The infected will be asymptomatic until up to a minute after infection, when they will frenzy and attack everything. If they die while infected, they will become a zombie. When a human is turned into a zombie, the zombie retains the human's inventory. So if a human with 1,000 caps is infected and transformed, the zombie will be carrying 1,000 caps.

For installation and help setting up this mod, see more information.



Open the console and type (without the quotes):

"Set X to Y"

Replace X with a setting and replace Y with a value.

ZombieDifficulty controls the health and attack damage of zombies. Values are 1 = medium, 2 = hard, 3 = insane, other = easy. It does not affect already spawned zombies.

ZombieAmount controls how many zombies spawn at each spawn point. So by putting 2, you double the amount of zombies. By putting 3, you triple the amount of zombies.

ZombieInfectionChance is the chance of success (as a percentage) when a zombie tries to infect a target. Type: Float, Default value = 20.0000.

ZombieRespawnTime is the amount of time before a spawn point can spawn another zombie in seconds. Type: Float, Default value = 90.0000.

ZombieSymptomFrenzy is whether or not infected invdividuals will frenzy and attack everyone. 1 is enabled, 0 is disabled. Type: Integer, Default value = 0.

ZombieSymptomHealth is whether or not infected invidivuals will lose health by the second. 1 is enabled, 0 is disabled. Type: Integer, Default value = 0.

ZombieSymptomTime is the amount of time it takes (in seconds) for infection symptoms (frenzy and health loss) to kick in on an infected individual. Type: Float, Default value = 90.0000

If you cannot open the console, please use this mod to open it:




1.0, 2010/11/12 - Initial release.



To install, simply place the supplied ESP file in your "Fallout New Vegas/Data" folder. This mod is directly dependant on its ESP file only. Uncheck and delete the file and the Ferals will stop spawning - no further actions are required.

Known Bugs and Issues:


Please do not complain or negatively endorse the mod if you get invisible zombies - I assure you, it is an error on your behalf.

If the zombies do not spawn, try increasing your draw distances and make sure that you have followed all the instructions in the readme. If you still think that an honest anomaly relative to your game setup is occuring, send me a private message and I'll help you out.



This mod modifies hundreds of exterior cells in the Wasteland worldspace, so to avoid confliction with mods that will inevitably edit the same cells, place this mod early/high in your load order; preferably right after your ESM files. This way your other mods will overwrite a few zombie spawn points, but there are too many for it to really make a different.

However, you must load mods such as "Better Game Performance" and "KDS Performance Tweaks" earlier than Zombie Apocalypse.



I recommend playing this mod on a separate save file as usual, or not saving at all. It's not that your save file will get bugged or anything, but important, quest-related characters could get killed by the masses of zombies, thus rendering that quest failed or something.

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