Fallout 2 - Wasteland Merc 2 -Vault Net Add-on

Note: This is an expansion for Wasteland merc 2 mod...

Fallout 2 - Wasteland Merc 2 -Vault Net Add-on

Note: This is an expansion for Wasteland merc 2 mod. Fixes bugs and adds new features.

Wasteland Merc 2 -Vault Net Add-on

Note: This is an expansion for Wasteland merc 2 mod. That means that you

got to have Wasteland merc 2 mod installed in to your fallout 2 game for this to

work. You are required to start a new char for all new features to work. Save file might still work and bug fixes will also work with no restart of char, but new stuff that is added wont appear before you start a new char.

INSTALATION: Take folders "scripts", "proto", "data", "maps" and "text" that come in

this zip file and place then in Fallout2/data folder and override the existing

folders. Remember that it requires original wasteland merc 2 mod to work.

Cyborg patch is included in this add-on.

Bug Fixes

-Craftcomp crash if entered in combat (fixed)

-power armour wrong crafting requirements (fixed)

-crash if karma to high or low when talking to kingpin, bos quarter master and slave master (fixed)

-random loot boxes in raiders and alien lair in some can no longer be stolen from (fixed)

-Rats now give 25 exp when killed. That was actually just a bug that they didn’t give exp.

Balancing fixes

-Water is less rare plus we stocked town shops with some more water and stuff like that

-Dog encounters are nerfed

-Firewood, junk piles and gold ore weight 1 pound only now

-Booze does not weight anything now

New features

-npc that will cook 100 meats for 1000 botlecaps if your speech is above 50%. She will thoe burn around 20-30% of it.

-you can now pay a npc to take you from black market to trashyard and other way around in 1 day time. It costs 1000 botlecap per trip.

-we implemented an expensive device that will teleport you from anywhere to war tech facility if you have science 50%. It will thoe burn out one circuit board each time you do that and damage your char for 100+ hp.

-You will also be able to purchase expensive add-ons for it. 1 will enable you to travel to craft areas (mines and black market) if you science is 75%, 1 will enable you to travel to all civilised areas if your science is 100%, 1 will enable you to travel to all combat areas if your science is 125%, 1 will enable you to travel with no hp damage if your science is 150% and 1 will enable you to travel with no circuit cards burning if your science is 200%.

-At start there will be a npc that gives you start equipment according to your taged skills. This will make creating the char even a bigger joy. This is what he gives according to those taged skills.

SMALL GUNS - Mauser, 200 shots

BIG GUNS -Flamer, 50 shots

ENERGY WEAPONS -Plasma blaster, 80 shots

UNARMED COMBAT -Spiked knuckles

MELEE -Combat knife

THROWING -10 glowballs 10 throw knifes

FIRST AID -5 rad aways

DOCTOR -20 chemicals

SNEAK -Leather Jacket

LOCKPICK -Expended lockpicks

STEAL -25000 botlecaps

TRAPS -20 glowballs

SCIENCE - 20 chemicals

REPAIR -10 steelbars

SPEECH -10000 botlecaps

BARTER -15000 botlecaps

GAMBLING -25000 botlecaps

OUTDOORSMAN -100 water, 50 raw meat

Example if you taged Outdoorsman, Speech and Small guns you will start with 100 water flasks, 50 raw meats, 10000 botlecaps, Mauser and 200 shots for it.

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