Beer and Bombs - The Movie

Great new stunt movie from the Section 8 clan...

Beer and Bombs - The Movie

Great new stunt movie from the Section 8 clan.


Beer and Bombs


Section 8 Productions 2003


The stunts contained in this movie are done by drunk professionals and

you should make every attempt to reproduce them on your own.

____________Section 8 Stunt team____________

Director: Lonestar

Stunt players






Liquid Courage


Sir Robert Peel

Devil Dog

Mad Crab

Special music by: Andrew WK

____________Greetings and Thanks____________

DICE: Thanks for making this game.

Section 8: An inspiration to drunk stunters everywhere.

Alcohol providers all over the globe: Thanks for making good high quality booze that enhances our game and makes life worth while.

We would also like to thank the makers of wine in a box, as this further enhances our experience with the game.

Visit the loonies at

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