Rocket Duel v1.2

This is a special rockets only edition built from Eternal...

Rocket Duel v1.2

This is a special rockets only edition built from Eternal Arena 5.7, so it has all the features from Eternal Arena, and the same changes.

Features new to 1.2:

changed nodamageself & nodamagefalling not cheats now

fixed nodamageself still giving 1 damage

Features from 1.1:

added new gametype: Cloak

added g_customrl cvar

added g_rlsdamage cvar

added g_rlsradius cvar

added g_rldamage cvar

added g_rocketvelocity cvar

added g_hrocketvelocity cvar

added g_grocketvelocity cvar

added g_gore cvar (bigger explosions, x2 blood, x2 gibs)

added another easter egg

changed always show player with RL on podium

changed all score plumes to red

changed impressive award given for airkills

changed half default rocket damage & splash damage

replaced sentry turrets with rl

replaced medal awards

replaced yellow armor to red on hud

replaced icons, graphics and shaders

replaced weapon effects and sounds

fixed g_starthealth initialising

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