Archlord Client (Free Game)

The newly added content Battle Ground will introduce...

Archlord Client (Free Game)

The newly added content Battle Ground will introduce Archlord players to a whole new kind of massive Race versus Race (RvR) system. At Battle Ground the intensity of battle increases in a large scale as only one, the strongest race will survive. Players can now experience the brand new Archlord with improved system, content and user oriented service. Visit

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What’s new in Archlord?

The Battle Ground

Fight for the glory of your Race! The Battle Ground content provides unique PvP challenges among races. Every player is required to join forces of their own race to fight against others. Players must cooperate with each other to infiltrate the enemies’ fortresses and kill their enemies’ great heroes as well. The first race who brings down all the opponent’s great heroes before the time limit will win the battle!

Chaotic Frontier

Explore the six different Chaotic Frontier realms. The six different level range dungeons provide unique and interesting challenges to Archlord players of all levels. Low level? No worries! The dungeon setting will be automatically adjusted to your level when entering the realm.

Siege Warfare

Lead your guild into the battle of Archlord. One of the most important main themes of Archlord has been updated. Discover how it has been changed!

The New Class: Swashbuckler

The Archlord’s first close range female combatant Swashbuckler - Glamorous Moon elf Warrior Class. Swashbuckler can be armed with a pair of swords unlike any other classes and with more unique skills and abilities.

Multi language Client

The Archlord game client provides multiple language options including English, German, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. Players are now able to choose their preferred languages before entering the game, ultimately enhancing the gaming experience.

? Unique features of Archlord

? Siege Warfare

? Various PvP Systems

? Race/Guild Battlegrounds

? Visually Stunning Skill Effects

? Character Customization

? Massive Quests

? Pet System

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