Double Helix

A deathmatch level suitable for 2-6 players...

Double Helix

A deathmatch level suitable for 2-6 players


TITLE: Double Helix

AUTHOR: Chris Hedberg




Build info:

Build Time: 1 week, about 2 hours/day

Compile Time: 12 minutes on a P2-300. Lots longer on

a P75. ;)

Highest known poly count: ~625. Should run well on

almost any machine.

Bugs: A few lighting bugs, one HOM. Nothing serious

that I know of. Feel free to report anything



Play info:

A deathmatch level suitable for 2-6 players. Might get crowded for more than that, but you're welcome to try it if you want. I recommend turning on tractor beam if you're gonna push the high numbers. Plenty of weapons and other goodies to liven things up.


Thanks: To the entire Monolith crew, without whom this level would definitely not have happened. To Craig and Jeremy, without whom this level wouldn't have happened nearly as quickly. To Commando CEO, without whom nobody would be playing Shogo. To the great folks at PlanetShogo. I'll be back! Really! And lastly, to the dozens of folks across about three web forums and mailing lists who help encourage me and give me mappin' advice. 'Ey, it's my first Shogo map. I'll thank whom I wish.


Rights: SHOGO-M.A.D. and all associated goodies belong to Monolith Software. The idea for this level belongs exclusively to me. If you wish to redistribute this level in any form other than the .ZIP file it came in or through distribution channel involving cash changing hands, you must contact me first and obtain my express permission. Do otherwise, and I will hunt down your grandchildren and send them back in time to kill you.

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