Company of Heroes - Commando Realism

Commando Realism brings fast paced action with emphasis on...

Company of Heroes - Commando Realism

Commando Realism brings fast paced action with emphasis on infantry units with improved squad AI, improved units, better tank battles and countless changes to this awesome mod.


This is a modification for Company Of Heroes. It is an updated version from Commando Realism Mod v2.52


Mod Features:


-Fast Gameplay Mod, focused on Battle Strategy gameplay.

-Realism. Trying to make this mod as better possible in realism sense.

-Soldiers are alive*

-Enhanced Tank Battles*

-Enhanced Squad behavior*

-A Shot of any weapon can kill a soldier with one shot.

-A Tank could be destroyed by only one Attack from another Tank.

-An AT Gun good attack can destroy tanks with one hit

-Warnings before Artillery and Paratroops Removed

-Infantry and Vehicles cheaper, as they can be killed easly and enabling a Fun and Fast gameplay

-Infantry squad can ride vehicles, allowing faster infantry mobilization

-Snipers can pin a squad, forcing them to go down or take cover

-Sticky Bombs must be placen over the tank (not thrown)

-Grenades have more distance of throwing

-Units inside buildings have Heavy cover

-Tanks give heavy cover.

-Death timing and limits increased: Deads stay in ground, vehicles destroyed too.

-increased accuracy when in heavy cover or light cover. And more if garrisoned

-Trails removed when shooting (Except for Tank Guns and Heavy MGs)

-Thompson, Bar, Flamethrower, MP44, Light MG42 and Flamenwerfer Droppable

-Added New Skins for all (Halftrack's pack)

-Added New Sounds

-AI Tweaked for fun gameplay

-Infantry and Vehicles production is faster

-Resources points are faster capturable and increases population limit

-Increased sight for all units and vehicles.

-Increased Battle distances.

-Engineers and Pioneers have Sattle Charges

-Sniper move as common infantry

-Second Motorpool removed. All vehicles are in the first one.

-Game rules changed for faster and more fun games.

-Requirements, costs and limits for better balance


New content


-New Unit: Scout either for Axis and Allies able to Call paratroopers (Yes! Axis can paradrop ). For allies, the scout’s paratrooper are not the same that airborne squad. Airborne Infantry from Airborne doctrine is better armed and trained.

-New Squad: Commandos Squad For allies (with new abilitys, as cute wires, hide and other. Excellent for Flanking or taking AT Guns, etc)

-New Squad: Knight’s Cross Squad for Axis (highly trained axis infantry).

-New Ability: “Run!” Units can Move without firing faster *Upgrade neded: Discipline, enables Run! ability in Supply Center (allies) and Veterancy Center (axis)

-New Upgrade: A serrated fragmentation sleeve, Splitterring. (other type of grenades for grenadiers.) Requires Upgrade in veterancy center (axis)

-New Upgrade: Hand held smoke grenades for rifle men/grenadiers.

-Upgrade Change: Common Grenades for US dont need upgrade of Supply anymore

-Squad Change: airborne now have Heavy Machine Gun instead of sniper

-Unit Change: Officers with Weapon MP40

-Squad Change: GreaseGun Troops for Paratroopers

-Equipment Change: Engineers and Pioneers have sattle charges and wire cutter included

-Infantry Rifleman can be upgraded with BAR, Thompson and Bazooka

-Volksgrenadiers can be upgraded with MP44 SubMG

-Grenadiers can be upgraded with Light mg42

-Grenadiers can be upgraded with Panzerschreck


-Weaponary Changes.


Weapons corrected, for example, a M1 Garand now shots as an automatic rifle (does not reload after every shot)




*Exploding range


*Reloading time

*Reloading Frequency

*Weapon’s Cooldown

*Mortars and MGs have 2 Crews only


-Vehicles and Guns Changes.


*Speed of vehicles

*Acceleration and Break speed

*Speed for turning around

*Turret speed

*Accuracy and Shooting ranges

*Shooting frequency

*Armor resistance

*Armor penetration

*All vehicles have Gunner included (also the Stug)


-System Explanation


Living Soldiers:

for example, you select your loved squad, update it with a BAR because you’re gonna give suppression to another squad. So you Click on somewhere in the map, and the squad:

a) Will go, taking important positions, and not going suicide

b) Once in there, The squad will not be JUST where you clicked, it will cover with something NEAR you selected.

c) Once in combat, Squad will move through Cover points, change position and stances, Will fight, or retreat to nearest covering squad

d) If you Click somewhere openfield, maybe the squad wont go if its too dangerous. Its like you are the “Leader” of the squad, you may give orders and your men will do it, on their way.

e) If you want to give the squad order to move, you must click in a COVER, its like you order your squad “Move behind that Truck!”

Also this System is based on attack-move

Tank Battles

There is a Probability System, wich means a Random in Accuracy and Damage, That doesnt make a Sherman to kill a Tiger with one shoot obviusly, but if a Sherman Gets a called Lucky Strike, and Tiger not, Maybe sherman could reach to damage something in the tiger.

Like a D&D game

For example:

Probability of Greyhound to destroy a Stug:

1 Shots = 0%

2 Shots = 5%

3 Shots = 60%

4 Shots = 100%

Probability of Tiger to destroy a Sherman:

1 Shots = 90%

2 Shots = 100%

Squads behavior

Changed Attention they pay to enemy, importance of defending and attacking, resource points priority, How many time will they resist until retreat, stances they use, ability uses

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