Doomsday Demo

Doomsday is a classic "Shoot'em up" game...

Doomsday Demo

Doomsday is a classic "Shoot'em up" game. Our task is to defend our planet from attacks of terrifying aliens. The task is not easy - at the beginning we have only small arsenal of weapons and small amount of ammunition. It is right to mention that the interesting element, which makes Doomsday different from other games of that kind is evolutionary system of increasing pilot skills. During the game player can choose 3 ways of evolution. He can upgrade ship with 18 unique skills. Action takes place on 48 unique, photorealistic maps, which we have to clear from hundreds of space invaders.


- 48 unique photorealistic maps

- 7 kinds of basic weapons

- 2 special weapons

- system of pilot evolution

- screen resolution from 1024x768 up to 1920x1200

- variety of enemies

- growing degree of difficulty

- no erotic scenes, violence, vulgarisms

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