Half-Life - Morbid Inclination Mod v1.0

Morbid Inclination is a multiplayer only Modification that...

Half-Life - Morbid Inclination Mod v1.0

Morbid Inclination is a multiplayer only Modification that pits four teams (Humans, Monsters, Aliens and Robots) each with their own special abilities, against each other in a senario similar to Capture The Flag.

Please be warned. Morbid Inclination requires a slightly faster machine than HL's minimum requirements. We highly recomend the following:

400mhz CPU or better

128 MB RAM

3D Video capable of 800 x 600 resolution

3D Accelerated Sound Card (SB Live!)

High Speed Internet connection


The main difference between Scavenger and normal CTF games, aside from the four teams instead of two, is that in Scavenger there is a "Flag" or as we call it, Item, for every player. Each team's goal is to ultimately capture every item in the level and take them to their Vault, which is the capture room inside their base.

When the game starts, all of the items spawn into a central area of the map called the Stock Pile. As mentioned above, players must capture the items in the Stockpile in order to win the round. Each player can only capture one item at a time so multiple visits to the Stockpile are required to win the round.

Once the Stockpile is empty, teams must invade the enemy bases, steal the items inside the enemy Vault and return them to their own Vault to be captured. If a player dies inside an enemy base they respawn inside a Jail cell which is also centrally located in the map, close to the Stock pile.

The Jail does not have any doors or other openings in which players can get inside or outside the jail. Players simply spawn inside the jail when captured and spawn outside the jail when released.

Each Jail cell has two release switches, one inside the jail that can be used by the captured players to escape, and one outside the jail that uncaptured team members can use to release their team mates. The switch inside the jail has to be used for at least 15 seconds before the players will be released, whereas the outside switch will release players after only 5 seconds, and the player who releases their team members will be awarded 2 points for rescuing their team mates.

When players are inside jail, they are stripped of all their weapons and must return to their own base before their weapons will return. The reason for this is to prevent players from leaving the jail and going striaght to the Stockpile to capture an item as you can not capture an item without your weapons.


The Stockpile is a centrally located area in each level where the Items are initially found for capturing. The number of Items may vary between levels.

The Vault is similar to the flag room in Capture The Flag games. This is an area inside each team's base which players are required to visit in order to drop/capture any Items they might be carrying. You will not be able to drop an Item unless you are killed or enter your team's Vault.

An Item is a model specified by the level designer that every team is fighting to gain full control of. There is a minimum of 4 and maximum of 16 items per level. The number of items is determined by the number of players allowed in the level. There is one item for each player.


Round times of Scavenger will default at 10 minutes with 4 rounds per level. This gives each team a chance at winning.

The first team to collect every Item in the level before the round ends is declared the round winner. If no team has collected all of the Items at the end of the round, the team with the most Items wins.

After all rounds have been played out, the team with the most wins is declared the "Round Champions" and a new level will load.

In the event of a tie, the game will continue as normal, loading a new level.

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