Francium Poolside IV

Multiplayer map where you ramp for points

Francium Poolside IV

Multiplayer map where you ramp for points.

A lot of time was put into this map. Not sure how long it took to complete, but here it is. There is an empty swimming pool that you can ramp in, and the higher you get, the more points you get. There's also a parking lot that has some ramps set up against 2 SUV's. The spa gives you health, and to move more normally, hold down your use key. There are some special triggers to get points for landing certain tricks...I'll just give you one, then you can try and figure out the rest for yourself. If you land on the lifeguard chair, you get some good points, and a public message states that someone got Lifeguard Air! Enjoy and have fun with the map. It wasn't made for killing eachother/monsters, just to ramp.

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