Forgotten Bunker

Mod for NOLF2 containing new voices, sounds, textures,...

Forgotten Bunker

Mod for NOLF2 containing new voices, sounds, textures, skins, music, 8 new levels, and a new protagonist, Jack Anderson. See below for more info.

Forgotten Bunker takes place in an old abandoned military underground storage. A team of terrorist were caught with a nuclear weapon, and it was taken away from them. The newly recovered war head was being taken to Arizona by the FBI. The plane that was taking the war head had to make a stop at the Rock Mountain Airport. This is where the terrorist wanted to intercept the FBI agents that were taking the war head to a safe place. But the terist soon found out that the airports underground was the final destination for the war head. The airport was a giant cover for the secret underground facility.

You, (the player) are waiting at the airport for you flight. Only to be overcome by curiosity witch leads you to find out what is going on... And you are the only one that can stop them.

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