TriDComm - 3D Commander

This is a cool little 3D file manager for Windows machine...

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TriDComm - 3D Commander

This is a cool little 3D file manager for Windows machine.

TriDComm - 3D file manager for Windows



This program may have bugs. Use at your own risk.

The author makes no warranty expressed or implied,

including but not limited to the warranties of

merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

The author will not assume any liability for any alleged

or actual damages arising from the use of this program.

TriDComm is copyrighted and all rights are reserved by

the author Lajos Kelemen. Feel free to give copies away

and to distribute it through online services, however

you may NOT distribute TriDComm for commercial purposes

without a written permission from the author.

System requirements


You need openGL, Win9x/NT/ME/2k and a

decent PC with a 3D accelerator card

for acceptable performance.



Unzip the file to a directory of your choice. That's all.



Delete tridcomm.exe from the directory where you installed

it and delete tridcomm.ini from directory windows or winnt

or wherever it is. That's all.

(Maybe you shouldn't delete the zipfile if you want to use it later:)




Options/background color

- you can set the background color of the active window (default is black)

Options/active window color

- you can set the color of the status bar of the active window (default is skyblue)

Options/selected file color

- you can set the color of the selected file (default is red)


- you can set the font of the file names, you must restart the program to use the new fonts

Options/view/command buttons

- you can make command buttons (F2-F10) visible/non-visible


- you can make the status bar visible/non-visible


- you can make the header bar visible/non-visible

Options/view/ctrl buttons

- you can make control radio buttons (zoom/pan/rotate) visible/non-visible


- you can make visible/non-visible the icon of the last file clicked,

the icon is in the upper left corner


- guess what :)


- shows a short instruction how to zoom/pan/rotate/select


- just for my vanity :)

mouse operation

you can select the window to be active by clicking on it

CTRL+left mouse drag - rotate

ALT+left mouse drag - pan

CTRL+ALT+left mouse drag - zoom

right mouse click in a window - pop-up menu

double click on a dir - goes to that dir

double click on a file - invokes the program associated with it

zoom/pan/rotate radio buttons for one hand operation

(sometimes I am lazy:)

- mouse drag does the selected operation (zoom/pan/rotate)

default is pan

zoom/pan/rotate by CTRL and ALT keys has precedence over these radio buttons

Command buttons

Important: a file is selected if it was shift+left clicked or right clicked

F2 - rename selected file

F3 - view file last clicked

shift+F3 - hexadecimal view of file last clicked (sorry but it's very slow)

alt+F3 - binary view of file last clicked (sorry but it's very slow)

F4 - edit last file clicked (uses Notepad.exe)

F5 - copy selected files from the active window to the other window

F6 - move selected files from the active window to the other window

F7 - make a new directory in the directory of the active window

(if you don't specify full pathname with drive)

F8 or Del key - delete to recycled bin

shift+F8 or shift+Del key - delete for good (not to recycled bin)

F9 - compare two selected files (two files in one window or 1/1 file in two windows)

F10 - finds a file in the given directory and below

ESC key during zoom/rotate/pan

- press and hold ESC key while dragging mouse. the active window won't be updated till

you release the ESC key (this is for slow machines)

pop-up menu (right mouse click on a window)


display/size as height




sort/by name

sort/by extension

sort/by size

sort/by date

sort/reverse sort

invert selection

set attributes - set attributes on the files selected in the active window

reset view - if you are lost in a dir (nothing to be seen) use this

DOS window - opens a DOS window

ZIP - compresses the selected files

unZIP - expands the selected zip file

Header bar

Drive combobox for selecting working drive in active window

-this goes to the root dir of that drive

-you can use CTRL+drive letter also, this goes to the root dir of that drive

File name field for filtering the files to be shown

Button with "\" goes to root dir

Button with ".." goes to parent dir

Button with "rhsa" for filtering files to be displayed by their attributes

Version history :


0.4 - on web on 7. November 2000.

0.4a - on web on 14. November 2000. (some cosmetic and bug correction)

0.5 - on web on 9. December 2000. (added: display last icon, font setting, zip/unzip possibility)

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