A single player short mod for half-life, a different tale of...


A single player short mod for half-life, a different tale of events, a different ending.

* Play Information *

mod Title : hl_escape

Author : Whitling2k

Description : Full Modification

Single Player : yes yes yes yes

Cooperative : as HL

Deathmatch : as HL

CTF2 : as HL

Difficulty Settings : full

New Textures : yes, escape.wad and escape2.wad

Bugs : some here. some there...

* Construction *

Base : scratch

Editor(s) used : WorldCraft 3.23

Compile Machine : Athlon 950 512MB



please visit http://beam/to.hl_escape for the story



Unzip everything into the half life folder.

sierra + half-life + valve

ESCAPE + pak0.pak





run HL as normal

go to custom game ==> escape

==> new game


Following: Standard disclaimer!

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY not use this base to build additional levels/mods.

if anything goes wrong with your computer as a direct result of this modification then it's not my fault, i have several operating systems and the mod worked in all of them in independant operating systems. install at your own risk

You can distribute this file anyway you like providing it stays intact. If you want to distribute a modified version of any files then please E-mail me [email protected]

or you could go to

if this file goes onto any CD-rom please let me know, just so i can smile to my self and say that i made that!



Special thanks to valve erc, wavelength for the clustergrenade and the texture sites on the net!

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