AOE: Rise of Rome v1.0a Patch

1.0a is an upgrade of Age of Empires Expansion 1.0 that...

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  • Program by Microsoft Game Studios

AOE: Rise of Rome v1.0a Patch

1.0a is an upgrade of Age of Empires Expansion 1.0 that includes several enhancements and gameplay fixes. See more info for patch details.

These changes include:

Idle Villager Key - Pressing the period ( . ) key selects and centers the view on a villager or fishing boat that is not assigned a task. Pressing ( . ) cycles though all idle villagers and boats in the game. This is a keyboard-only command; there is no on-screen control for it.

Shang Food Cost - The cost of a Shang villager was reduced to 40 food. The amount of food the Shang player starts with was reduced by 40.

Phoenician Woodcutting Bonus - Phoenician villagers now work 15% faster. In previous versions of Age of Empires, they worked 54% percent faster.

For a complete description of all the patch improvements, please read the readme file.

Version Compatibility

If you are playing a multiplayer game, all players must be using the same version of Age of Empires Expansion.

If you are playing a saved game, it must be from the same version of Age of Empires Expansino you currently have installed.

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