Bootleg Squadrog

"Bootleg Squadrog, sir...

Bootleg Squadrog

"Bootleg Squadrog, sir. It is not about individualism. It is not about cowboy heroism. It is about being one cohesive unit. The only identity I have is that of a group identity."

-Adrian Shepherd

3rd Regiment Bugstompers

Blumberg Base, Wisconsin

Excerpt from "History Belated: The Black Mesa Incident"

(New Mexico Collegiate Press, Hobbs, 1987)

Chapter 10.4

Dust on the lens was a prior culprit and it was believed that it was dust on the lens yet again when the infrared negatives showed ground anomolies. The region in question was southwest North America, specifically the northwest quadrant of New Mexico.

Satellite reconnaisance noticed objects spontaneously appearing on the desert sands in periodic intervals of 10.67 hours. The first object was a 1961 Buick Oldsmobile. It was hastily whisked away by Black Mesa technicians soon after its appearance. The vehicle was later followed by a striped basketball, a portable oven grill, and a small brown kitten (most likely a Calico).

Trans-teleportation was a hot-button topic during World War II, culminating in the bittersweet Philadelphia/Norfolk incident and the lesser-known Wilmington/Atlantis dilemma. The research being conducted at Black Mesa was highly illegal and scientifically dubious. But, not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, a decision was made to preserve Black Mesa and extract prime scientists.

The call was made for base infiltration and the exfiltration of one key scientist named G. Freeman. A marine squadron stationed in Wisconsin answered the call.

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