Warsow v0.3 v0.31 Windows Patch

This is a patch updating the Windows version of Warsow from...

Warsow v0.3 v0.31 Windows Patch

This is a patch updating the Windows version of Warsow from v0.3 to v0.31.

:: :: Changes from 0.3 to 0.31 wrote:

New Features:

- Added BattlEye Anti-Cheat Engine, supporting both Windows and Linux (more information on http://www.battleye.com)

- Added team autobalance (g_teams_allow_uneven).

- Added logconsole_timestamp 0|1 to have timestamps in logfiles. (Format: yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss)

- Allow showing stats for other players

- Always prints stats to a console when match has been finished

- Added SHOW_AWARDS to HUD scripts


- Added "&&" and "||" operators to HUD scripts.

- Added zooming effect.

- Added cg_showZoomEffect cvar.

- Added show others zooming when in chasecam or in demo playing.

- Added cvars: sv_showRcon, sv_showChallenge and sv_showInfoQueries to print console feedback of these packets.

- Added cvar cl_checkForUpdate (def 1) to disable update checking.

- Added self-explanatory cg_showSelfShadow cvar (the default value is 0)


- wdm11 remix and other slightly changed maps

- Only allow 32 characters at max in player's name, counting the escaped sequences

- Add fast dynamic lights option (light coronas)

- Folders are now colored with yellow in demolist. For browsing to the upper directory, use the top ".." menu item, as in most file browsers

- config.cfg is now written with Windows line-separators (CRNL)

- PF_Configstring now reports the index of overflowed configstring

- Recompiled most of win32 libs and binaries for better performance and/or resulting filesize (VC 2005 SP1 is now required to compile the binaries)

- Added "s_openAL_device" cvar and "sounddevices" command for switching the OpenAL device (currently, choosing software emulation generally helps to fix some OpenAL glitches)

- Removed the "OpenGL Extensions" menu, it was confusing

- cl_maxfps can't be set to values lower than 24

- The ammo pack item is now precached if it can be potentially dropped during the game

- Made Riotgun's shot denser, Plasmagun damage upped slightly, RL splash radius increased/min damage decreased.

- Changed default value of selfdamage and teammdamage on callvete ca_competitionmode.

- Changed CA scoreboard damage-based.

- Move maxfps and fov from gfx menu to player setup menu. Also add zoomfov field.

- Reduce the time gibs stay.

- In race: don't take splash damage from others. Don't wait for respawning after death.

- Move client side determination of server time to the executable. Apply smoothing and stop it freezing the virtual time.

- Simpler method of user command execution in the server code.

- Allow chasecam switching to dead players unless in CA.

- Clamp fov and zoomfov ranges in steps. zoomfov accepts values from 1 to 60 and fov from 60 to 160.

- Make the player names use the same font as the pointed player.

- Default m_filter to 1, in_minmsecs to 1.

- Make bots reaction time slower.

- HUD: scale team info layouts font size for different resolutions.

- Misc code cleanups, speed improvements


- Windows: Fixed wrong renaming of downloaded pk3 files.

- GA armor pickup logics.

- Unix only: Don't shutdown the server when receiving EOF from stdin

- Fix bug that made visiting the team aspects menu fill the userinfo and give error when trying to join a server

- Add possibility to save stats to a file after match has been finished

- Fix non-DGA mouse on Linux, based on patch from MKC*Nightmare

- Don't show weapon up animation when switching POV in multiview demo

- Fix demojump somewhat, not sure if it still works very well

- Fixed missing spawn sounds.

- Fixed packetloss/ping spikes interrupting movement.

- Fixed fonts with images bigger than 256x256.

- Fixed a crash when weak lasegun was hitting 2 deadbodies.

- Do not stop with error fatal on a configstring overflow.

- Don't apply stairs view-smoothing to ramps.

- Fixed mismatch in god-like award between console and hud prints.

- Fixed prevent MVDs to write negative frame identifiers for game commands (aka: fix demo's "invalid areabits size" error).

- Speed of rotation on the YAW-axis is now framerate-independent for UI models.

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