Serious Sam Public Test 2

Croteam and On Deck Interactive present the second public...

Serious Sam Public Test 2

Croteam and On Deck Interactive present the second public test of Serious Sam. This test includes multiplayer support and many improvements to the popular title.

Serious Sam Test - Public Test 2 (v0.18 build 109)

Multiplayer Test


1. Introduction

2. Hardware requirements

3. Menus

4. In-game controls


6. Multiplayer gaming howto

7. Console

8. Hardware compatibility issues

9. Special cases and troubleshooting

10. Reporting Bugs and Problems

11. Legal Information

1. Introduction

First of all: THIS IS NOT A DEMO VERSION, THIS IS A COMPATIBILITY TEST! Our primary intention is to test hardware compatibility and gameplay problems, not to show up. Though we will welcome any kind of comments. Please see the last section on the feedback policy.

IF YOU ARE EAGER TO START PLAYING RIGHT NOW, we recommend that you read through the sections 4 and 5 that will introduce you to the game's interface. Make sure you don't miss out on how to use the NETRICSA!

For those who like to read the game background before they jump into the gameplay, we recommend to pay a visit to: Croteam site and take a look at loads of materials we have prepared there for you.

For discussions about the game, tips, news and general chat, take a look at Serious Sam forum.

2. Hardware requirements


Celeron 300MHz


full OpenGL compliant 3D accelerator

Windows 95/98/NT 4.0 (with Service Pack 5), or Windows 2000 operating system

300MB free hard disk space


Pentium III 500MHz range processor


full OpenGL compliant 3D accelerator with 32MB RAM

100% Windows 95/98/NT4/W2K compatibile sound card

For full experience:

Pentium III 800MHz or AMD Athlon 800Mhz range processor


third generation full OpenGL compliant 3D accelerator with 32MB RAM


a) On Windows 95 and some 3D accelerators, you may experience problems starting the game if your desktop color depth set to 8, 15 or 24 bit. Try setting your display settings to 16 bit (or 32 bit for accelerator that supports true color in OpenGL).

b) Unless you have a very fast 3D accelerator, your system may not be capable of running Serious Sam at 32 bit and at high resolutions.

If you feel that the game runs slow on your machine, try reducing the resolution to 640x480 and color depth to 16 bit.

If that still doesn't help, try setting the rendering preferences to 'Speed'.

3. Menus

You can call the menus during game by pressing the Escape key. To navigate the menus use arrow keys. Press the Enter key to go to a submenu, or change an option. On some buttons you can use the Backspace key and the Enter key to circle forward-backward among different settings.

Press the Escape key to go one level up in the menus. When at the top level, pressing Escape will return to game if any is started.

Following sub-menus are available in this test version:


NEW GAME - Starts a new single player game with player shown on the upper left part of the menu. You may choose between:

- Tourist mode (for people without experience in first-person-shooters),

- Easy mode (for occasional FPS players),

- Normal mode (for real FPS players),

- Hard mode (for real Serious Sam players), and

- Serious mode (for his meanness, Mr. Sam 'Serious' Stone himself).

START CUSTOM LEVEL - Here you can start the technology testing level and other possible custom levels.

QUICK LOAD GAME - Here you can load the games you have quick-saved using F6 while in game.

LOAD GAME - This will offer you a choice of previously saved games to load. Note that each of the eight players have his/hers own saved games. If it seems that all your saved games have mysteriously disappeared, perhaps you have changed the player.

SAVE GAME - Here you can save current game.

PLAYERS AND CONTROLS - Switches to 'Players and Controls' and controls menu. There you can change current player and its controls.

VIEW HIGH SCORE TABLE - Shows high score table.


JOIN GAME - Invokes 'Choose server' menu where you can examine list of active servers and select one to join.

START SERVER - Switches to 'Start server' menu where you can start game server and set game parameters (game type, difficulty, level,...) .

QUICK LOAD GAME - Here you can load multiplayer games that you have quick-saved using F6 while in game.

LOAD GAME - Here you can load previously saved multiplayer games.

SAVE GAME - Here you can save current multiplayer game.


START - Invokes 'Start split screen' menu where you can create a new split screen game and set its parameters (game type, difficulty, level,...), .

QUICK LOAD GAME - Here you can load split screen multiplayer games that you have quick-saved using F6 while in game.

LOAD GAME - Here you can load previously saved split screen multiplayer games.

SAVE GAME - Here you can save current split screen multiplayer game.


Stops currently active game.


PLAY DEMO - Offers you choice to view any of recorded demos.

START RECORDING/STOP RECORDING - Offers you choice record a new demo (you can also press F7 while in game). When you start recording a demo, a 'Recording' indicator will show on the screen. To stop recording, either go to the Demo menu and choose Stop Recording, or press F8.


VIDEO OPTIONS - Here you can choose to use default OpenGL driver, or 3DFX stand-alone driver (for users of older 3dfx chipsets).

Under preferences you can choose:

Normal (optimal settings for you card),

Speed (for lower rendering quality and higher speed) or

Quality (for higher rendering quality and lower speed).

All the settings are relative to your card capabilities, as detected by the game. See section 'Hardware Compatibility Issues' for more information.

You can also choose a resolution, bit depth and whether to run the game in full screen or in window.

RENDERING OPTIONS - This menu offers a wide range of fine customizable, rendering and video settings.

AUDIO OPTIONS - You can set the sound playback quality at 11kHz, 22kHz or 44kHz, or turn the sound off. Music volume and sound effects volume is adjustable separately.

PLAYERS AND CONTROLS - This same menu can be invoked from the Single Player menu. It enables you to choose and edit one of the eight player profiles. Profile is a set of player attributes, like appearance, controls, name, team and others. Click on character picture to change player's appearance. Click on customize controls to invoke 'Controls' menu (shortcut is F4 while in game) where you can alter bindings for keys, mouse, joystick and other gaming devices.

4. In-game controls

Default controls in game are following:


Move forward W or Arrow Up

Move backward S or Arrow Down

Turn left Arrow Left

Turn right Arrow Right

Strafe left Q or A

Strafe right E or D

Jump/Swim up Space or R

Dodge/Swim down F


Fire Left Mouse Button or Ctrl

Manual reload Alt (works for colt)

Next/Prev Weapon [/] or Mouse Wheel Up/Dn

Flip Weapon \ (Backslash) or Third (Middle) Mouse Button

1 knife

2 colt/two colts

3 single shotgun/double shotgun

4 minigun/tommygun

5 rocket launcher

- rest of the weapons are not available in the test version.


Use/Call NETRICSA Right Mouse Button or Return

- NOTE: Same button is used for USE or ANALYSE and NETRICSA is invoking

see section about NETRICSA for more info

If this is feels clumsy for you, or if you keep inadvertently pressing the button and calling NETRICSA in game, you can bind those two commands to two different buttons.

You can rebind controls in the 'Players and Controls' menu, or by manually editing '.ctl' files in 'Controls\' directory of the installation.

NOTE: Serious Sam supports up to 8 different players and controls. You can adjust different controls sets for different people playing on a same computer.

Besides the in-game controls, there are following general keyboard shortcuts that cannot be rebound in menu, but only by manually editing the file 'Controls\System\Common.ctl':

Menu Save F2

Menu Load F3

Menu Controls F4

Quick Save F6

Quick Load/Reconnect to Server F9

Screenshot F11

StartDemoRec F7

StopDemoRec F8

Following shortcuts are hard-wired and cannot be changed at all:

Activate menu Escape

Activate console F1 or `~' (Tilde)

Pause game Pause

Toggle fullscreen Alt-Enter


NETRICSA (NEuroTRonically Implanted Combat Situation Analyzer) is a small computer implanted inside Sam's skull. Sam's NETRICSA is the best available of the wide range of such devices, common among modern head-to-head fighters. It is a neurotronical computer connected to the perceptual cortexes in his brain. The computer has all the access to his audio-visual experiences and can provide him with feedback. It is used to provide fast and simple access to all the necessary data and analysis for a skilled combatant, so that he/she can keep up to date with the situation and know what to do next. It translates texts, offers simple head-up-display directly to the visual cortex, tracks targets and gives other kinds of help in fight and in general tactics.

In game, NETRICSA appears on your screen in two different ways: as an head-up-display and as a full screen computer interface.

Head-up-display is active normally while you explore the area or fight. In the lower left corner, it shows your current HEALTH and ARMOR state. Next to it, your CURRENT WEAPON and currently carried ammount of AMMUNITION for it is displayed. On the far right is an icon for each type of ammo you have and a small bar showing how much of that type do you have.

In the upper left corner is ACCOUNT DISPLAY, showing the sum of reward money you have collected by eliminating your enemies and by completing other tasks. When a NETRICSA has a new message for you, you will hear a notification sound and MESSAGE COUNTER with number of pending messages will appear below the account display. Then you can invoke NETRICSA full screen to examine the message.

On the center of the screen is NETRICSA's target detection display. A CROSSHAIR shows exactly where your weapon will hit, and it changes colors according to the state of your target. While you have no live target, it is WHITE. When you aim at a new enemy, it will become GREEN, and as you damage the enemy, the color will turn RED.

If you target an item that can be used or operated (e.g. a switch), a USE indicator will appear above the crosshair. Press USE BUTTON to operate the item. If you target an item that can be analyzed, an ANALYZE indicator will appear. Press use button to analyze the item. After analyzing it, a new message will appear with description of the results of NETRICSA's research.

To read any of the NETRICSA's messages, you can invoke NETRICSA fullscreen at any time by DOUBLE CLICKING the USE BUTTON button.

In fullscreen mode, NETRICSA shows four windows:

CATEGORY SELECTION in the upper left has five buttons allowing you to select one of the message categories: Tactical Data, Strategic Data, Weapons, Enemies and Statistics.

MESSAGE LIST in the upper right shows list of messages in currently selected category. Click on any message title to view the message.

MESSAGE TEXT in the lower right shows the message text, while MESSAGE IMAGE at the lower left shows eventual visual information attached to the message. You can scroll both the message list and the message text with their accompanied sliders.

You can exit the fullscreen NETRICSA by either clicking on the EXIT button in the upper right corner, or by pressing ESCAPE or RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON.

For optimal interface, Use/Call NETRICSA function is bound to the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON. So with just that one button, you access Use and Analyze by single clicking it, call NETRICSA by double clicking it and also exit the NETRICSA by pressing that same button.

6. Multiplayer gaming howto

a) How to play over internet One player connects to the internet and starts a game. He/she can choose to either make the game visible or invisible.

If the game is visible, other players can use GameSpy Arcade to find the server on the list and join to it. They would typically first run Arcade, locate the server and select it. Arcade will the launch Serious Sam automatically and Serious Sam will over a choice of players/controls to play with. Just select Start to join in.

If the game is invisible, the user who started the game can read the server IP address in the upper left corner of the Network menu. The users must arrange some way to communicate over the IP address, usually using ICQ, IRC or e-mail. Other players would then join in by going to Network menu and selecting 'Join/Open...' and then typing in the IP address of the server.

b) How to adjust settings for better performance

Firstly, make sure your frame rate is good. If the game doesn't run smooth in single player it will not be playable in multiplayer. If the game is too slow lower the resolution and/or use 'Speed' option from the Options/Video menu.

Usually, automatic setting adjustment should work well. If you want to set a more specific settings, try to use one of the several predefined scripts from the 'Options/Execute Addon' menu. Choose the one that suits your connection best. If you are not satisfied with the first choice, experiment a bit.

c) How to start split screen

The Split Screen menu is similar to the Network menu. You can choose all the game options as in Network, but you play on one computer. Make sure you set up the players and controls so that no two players use same keys.

It is simplest if one user uses keyboard+mouse, while other use joystick(s).

When setting up the players and screen config, make sure you choose proper screen configuration to be able to see all the players. I.e. if you choose three players, but only choose one screen, the two latter players won't be able to play, as they won't see anything.

d) How to start split screen over network

Just start server or join in as usual, but choose more than one local player and adjust screen configuration accordingly.

All combinations like four players/two computers (two players on one computer), or two player on one computer, one on another, etc. are possible.

7. Console

You can invoke game console by pressing the F1 key during the game or in menu. Tilde key ('~') will also function if you have an English keyboard locale, but may cause problems if your keyboard locale interprets that key as a dead-key. It is recommended that you use F1.

In the game console you can examine or change console variables and call console functions. Using this advanced option, you can hand-tune lots of engine and game options that are not available through the menus. To obtain a list of those variables and functions enter 'ListSymbols()' at the console prompt.

Use the Tab key for command line completion, arrows up/down for history or pageup/pagedown to scroll output.

Arrows left/right allows you to move cursor trough characters on editing line, allowing insert type editing.

If you want to view a value of a variable just enter the variable name. To change a value, assign it to a variable using equality sign like this: 'var_name=1'. To call a function, append brackets to the function name like this: 'function()'.

When the game is loaded, a script file saved under 'Scripts\Game_startup.scr' is executed by the console. You may add some lines there to be executed each time you start the game.

If you write commands in scripts or in keyboard bindings, you need keep in mind that:

1) Command separator is semicolon (';'). Always finish each command with with a semicolon, or a syntax error will be reported. Newline is not a separator in console's grammar. That is, you can write more than one command in one line, or write one command across more than one line.

2) Comments are completely C++-like. Two slashes ('//') start a one-line comment, and slash-asterisks pairs ('/*' and '*/'), embed multi-line comments.

3) You may use mathematical expressions in commands, like 'var1=var2+2' and similar. Currently supported operators are:

addition (+),

substraction (-),

multiplication (*),

division (/),

integer modulo (%),

unary minus (-),

unary plus (+),

logical negation (!),

array access([])

and brackets.

These are usefull for writing keyboard bindings like 'ctl_bWalk = !ctl_bWalk;', or 'hud_iStats=(hud_iStats+1)%3'.

4) You can declare your own variables like 'extern FLOAT myVar;'. Only scalar variables can be declared this way. Arrays cannot be declared from command line.

8. Hardware compatibility issues

Serious Sam has been tested with many different 3D-accelerator boards and drivers. The game will try to recognize your board and adjust optimal settings for it. If you experience any problem, please make sure you have the correct driver. You can download drivers from 3D board chipset manufacturer's site or any driver repository on the internet (like or Before reporting problem make sure that you have driver version at least as new as stated in this document under 3D board name.

If it still doesn't work, please read the section 'Reporting Bugs and Problems' in this ReadMe file on information about how to report your problem.

Here is the list of tested hardware:

o nVidia Riva128

- some of required blending modes are not supported

- several compatibility problems

- support for this board has been DISCONTINUED

- supports only 16-bit rendering modes

o nVidia RivaTNT, TNT2 and GeForce series boards

- driver version: Detonator 6.31 (official) or 6.47 (beta)

- multi-texturing is enabled by default, but will cause crashes if you have driver older than 5.xx (detonator2)

- AVOID detonator version 5.xx (also called Detonator2) at any cost - this driver will cause crashes with Serious Sam !

- 8 MB variant of TNT boards have insufficient memory to display textures in full size

o ATI Rage Pro

- several serious problems occured (especially with Z-buffering, mip-mapping and blending modes)

- insufficient hardware power

- supports only 16-bit rendering modes

- not operational at present time

- support for this board might be DISCONTINUED

o ATI Rage 128

- driver version: 6.34 cd08

- occasional triangle artifacts

- 8 MB variant of this board has insufficient memory to display textures in full size

- bump mapping doesn't work properly (you can disable it with 'mdl_bRenderBump=1' console command)

o ATI Rage 128 pro

- driver version: 6.34 cd08

- occasional triangle artifacts

o ATI Rage Maxx

- driver version: 6.40 cd15

- occasional triangle artifacts

- Win2000 is not supported

o ATI Radeon

- driver version: 4.13.7041.0831 beta

- might experience occasional triangle artifacts

- doesn't run at peak performance due to unresolved issues with driver

o 3Dfx Voodoo1

- driver version: 3.01.00

- insufficient hardware power

- supports only 16-bit rendering modes

- no vertical lines (in computer screen and loading progress window)

- this board has insufficient memory to display textures in full size

- additional support for this board will not be possible in the future (DISCONTINUED)

o 3Dfx Voodoo2

- driver version: 3.02.02

- supports only 16-bit rendering modes

- this board has insufficient memory to display textures in full size

- additional support for this board will not be possible in the future (DISCONTINUED)

o 3Dfx Banshee

- driver version: 1.04.01 beta (Voodoo5-unified voodoo-series driver)

- supports only 16-bit rendering modes

- 8 MB variant of this board has insufficient memory to display textures in full size

- runs very slow in windowed mode

- if unified drivers doesn't work please install Voodoo Banshee driver version 1.04.00 or newer

o 3Dfx Voodoo3

- driver version: 1.04.01 beta (Voodoo5-unified voodoo-series driver)

- supports only 16-bit rendering modes

- this board has too small texture memory to display textures in full size

- runs very slow in windowed mode

- if unified drivers doesn't work please install V3 driver version 1.07.00 or newer

o 3Dfx Voodoo4 & Voodoo5

- driver version: 1.04.01 (unified voodoo-series driver)

- runs very slow in windowed mode

o Matrox G200

- driver version: 6.11.014 beta

- bump mapping doesn't work

- 8 MB variant of this board has insufficient memory to display textures in full size

- to get better performance smaller effect textures and dynamic shadows are recommended

- some features have been disabled to get better performance

- occasional crashes on some configurations

- doesn't properly restore desktop upon exiting from game in full screen mode (for the time being, only way to fix this problem is to revert to windowed mode before exiting the game)

- might experience some problems under Win2000

- additional support for this board might not be possible in the future

o Matrox G400/G450

- driver version: 6.11.014 beta

- doesn't properly restore desktop upon exiting from game in full screen mode (for the time being, only way to fix this problem is to revert to windowed mode before exiting the game)

- might experience some problems under Win2000

o S3 Savage2000

- driver version: 9.51.12

- occasional texture corruption might occur (can be fixed with 'RefreshTextures()' console command)

- for the time being, not operational under Win2000

o S3 Savage4 and Savage2000

- driver version: 8.40.01

- might have some triangle artifacts and/or z-fighting problems

- 8 MB variant of this board has insufficient memory to display textures in full size

- occasional texture corruption might occur (can be fixed with 'RefreshTextures()' console command)

- for the time being, not operational under Win2000

o S3 Savage3D

- has not been tested but might work

- this board has insufficient memory to display textures in full size

- support for this board has been DISCONTINUED

o PowerVR Kyro3D

- driver version: 1.05.94 (beta)

- lens flares in mirrors/portals might not get rendered

- occasional triangle artifacts at model shadows

- some gradients might not be rendered properly

o Intel i740 & i752 (i810/i815(e) motherboard chipsets)

- driver version: 4.0

- supports only 16-bit rendering modes

- bump mapping doesn't work

- some polygons in mirrors/portals might not work

- some features have been disabled to get better performance

- support for i740 has been DISCONTINUED

- might have insufficient memory to display textures in full size

o 3DLabs Permedia2

- some of required blending modes are not supported

- this board has insufficient memory to display textures in full size

- insufficient hardware power

- support for this board has been DISCONTINUED

o 3DLabs Permedia3

- has not been tested

o 3DLabs Oxygen VX1

- has not been tested

Following 3D accelerators are not supported due to lack of proper OpenGL driver and/or hardware power:

ATI Rage II (and older)

S3 Trio3D

Rendition Verite



IMPORTANT: On some operating systems (especially Win95) and/or hardware setup, switching full-screen and windowed mode might not work properly. This is a driver issue and cannot be fixed from our side.

9. Special Cases and Troubleshooting

Although Croteam has invested all efforts to provide maximum compatibility with all hardware configurations, there are some cases that cannot be remedied programatically, but require intervention from the user. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but those problems are beyond our control and are usually caused by limitations imposed by operating system, faulty drivers and/or other problematic software installed on your machine.

Here is the list of the cases and suggested remedies:

o You have old Voodoo1/Voodoo2 drivers installed, but you don't have the hardware anymore.

Many people have had Voodoo1 or Voodoo2 boards once, and have upgraded to some newer card. In such cases, if you don't uninstall the Voodoo1/Voodoo2 drivers before removing the hardware, the invalid drivers can cause malfunction of your system. Serious Engine attempts to detect such drivers at the startup. If they are detected you will see a message box originating from the invalid driver, saying that the Voodoo hardware is not found. After that, the engine will notify you that you should restart your computer.

This is a simple recovery mechanism that shields you from the buggy behavior which may be induced by trying to load the old drivers. When you reboot your computer and start Serious Sam again, the old drivers will be disabled. THIS DOES NOT AFFECT ANY OTHER APPLICATIONS ON YOUR SYSTEM, NOR DOES THIS MAKE ANY CHANGES IN YOUR SYSTEM.

a) If you _do not_ have the hardware:

You should uninstall the drivers and make sure that you do not have the file 3DFXVGL.DLL anywhere in your Windows or System directories.

Then reboot and start Serious Sam again to make it function.

b) If you _do_ have the hardware:

In certain cases, this mechanism might fail, detecting that the drivers are invalid even if you have the hardware. That can happen if some application using them has crashed. In such cases, to re-enable the drivers just delete the file 'Data\Var\DisableOldVoodoo.var' from the Serious Sam directory.

If you have any problems with this, please contact technical support. See 'Reporting Bugs and Problems' below on how to do it.

o FatalError: 'Cannot set display mode'.

Sometimes Serious Sam won't start, and will report the above error message. Here are the possible reasons and suggested remedies:

- You run 8 bit, 15 bit or 24 bit desktop on Windows95

Windows 95 do not allow applications to change display color depth at runtime, and 3D cards will not allow OpenGL acceleration at the listed color depths. You should set the desktop bit depth manually, in 'StartMenu/Settings/ControlPanel/Display/Settings'. Recommended color depth is 16 bit (64k colors, or 65536 colors).

- You do not have a proper OpenGL driver for your card installed.

Check 'Hardware compatibility issues' section in this file and see what is the recommended driver version for your card. New and updated list may appear from time to time at ''.

10. Reporting Bugs and Problems

As your feedback from this test, we expect both your subjective personal opinions (feedback), and objective bug reports (bugs).

a) Feedback

If you find any likes/dislikes in the game, if you feel something missing or annoying, we consider it your subjective opinion. Feel free to mail us about it at:

[email protected]

Please do not send any file attachments to that address, just plain text mails with short description of your opinion(s).

Note, as it is a matter of personal preference, that although we will certainly take each your opinion in consideration, we will, on the other side, not feel obligated to do anything about it. Perhaps we do something with the thing you mention, perhaps we don't.

b) Bugs

If you have any problem like game crashing or not functioning properly in any way, graphics looking weird with your 3D card, sound being choppy...., we consider it a bug. Things like getting stuck in a hole, being able to pass through a wall or statue..., also fall in the category of bugs.

You can report any such problem to:

[email protected]

Please give each mail a subject line with general type of the problem, like 'Not working on card xyz', 'Sound choppy on card xyz', 'Getting stuck in a hole', etc.

In the body of the message give us a short description of the problem and please list any relevant information like exact hardware configuration and driver versions (in case of hardware problems), and try to explain how to reproduce the problem if possible.

Relevant information:

Operating system (Win95, Win95 OSR2, Win98, WinNT, Win2000) and service pack number

CPU type and speed in MHz

Amount of RAM

Video card and driver version

Sound card

Resolution and settings of both game and your desktop

Make sure to mention the version number of the game that you report the bug for (see top of this ReadMe file).

If the game crashes, or reports a 'FatalError' message box, please try to look for possibly generated log files in the installation directory of the game. There should be at least one of the following:

'SeriousSam.log' (in the installation root)

'FatalError.log' (in the installation root)

'Bin\SeriousSam.rpt' (in the 'Bin\' directory)

If you find any, please attach them to your mail message, those files can help us greatly in hunting the bugs down.

Take care to preserve the file dates (do not edit them!) and, if possible, write down approximate time (date and hour) when the game crashed and send it along in the mail, so we can match it to the log files.

Please DO NOT send any file attachments other than the aforementioned log files. Please no screenshots and no savegames. If we feel that we need a screenshot or savegame to track the bug down, we will let you know.

It is best that you give us a valid reply address for your mail, so we can ask for any further information if needed.

11. Legal Information

Copyright © 1999-2000 Croteam LLC. Croteam and the Croteam logo are trademarks of Croteam LLC. Serious Sam and the Serious Sam logo are trademarks of Croteam LLC. Serious Engine, Serious Editor and Serious Modeler is a trademark of Croteam LLC. All Rights Reserved.

All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Serious Sam uses Amp11Lib library. Amp11Lib is an Audio-MPEG decoder and player library distributed under

the GNU Library General Public License Version 2. See files COPYING and README in the Bin\Amp11Lib subdirectory of the installation for more information.


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