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StarLancer, the first, highly-anticipated title from Digital...

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StarLancer Demo

StarLancer, the first, highly-anticipated title from Digital Anvil, offers players the chance to pilot a series of futuristic spacecraft and engage in complex space-based missions. Your goal is to rise within the ranks, from a lowly first lieutenant to a wing commander that calls the shots, while defeating the Coalition and earning respect for the 45th Squadron along the way. The official guide, from Sybex, features detailed walkthroughs of every scenario, comprehensive strategies for all ships and weapons, and hardcore multiplayer strategies for head-to-head combat.

-Detailed walkthroughs for each challenging mission.

-Vital stats on the huge capital ships, unique fighter units, and wide array of weapons available to the 45th Squadron.

-Hardcore multiplayer strategies for everything from intense four-person deathmatches to a cooperative play-through of the entire Starlancer campaign.

-Expert dogfighting tactics and tips for navigating your way beyond the asteroid belt.

-Includes an exclusive, full-sized, full-color StarLancer poster!

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