Search and Rescue: Vietnam Med Evac v1.00 Patch

Search and Rescue: Vietnam Med Evac v1.00 Patch

Update your search and rescue simulation title with this patch that works with France, Poland, and North American versions of the game. See more information for details.

Patch 1.00 This patch is compatible with retail versions of the following territories:

- North America, Publisher: Global Star Software

- France, Publisher: Nobilis

- Poland, Publisher: Play

If your version is not on the list, please look for a different patch version or contact InterActive Vision The patch includes the following: - Updates and added support for DirectX-compatible controllers - Added support for CH controllers - Fix for crashes to desktop and monitor problems related to the refresh rate default of Renderware. Users can now manually set a different refresh rate in the video options - Fix for graphics problems related to ATI graphics cards causing objects to disappear - Fix for miscellaneous mission bugs - New feature: Invisible cockpit triggered by shift+F1