Dare Devil Pathfinder

This adds the Dare Devil Pathfinder Class to your copy of...

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Dare Devil Pathfinder

This adds the Dare Devil Pathfinder Class to your copy of Bridge Commander.

Mod By James J Smith.

AKA HisDivineShadow

Hey everybody.. I descided to make a ship..

The DD pathfinder is a slimmer and more.. well nicer version of the OLD Avalon Trinity and Dare Devil Ships..

You might Recognise the Texture map :P

I feeling like making more ships now that there are more mod packaging utilities out.. I made this into mod packager format for ease of use..

Use the Mod installer for this Ship.. Its available at

She has Ventral and doral phaserson all arcs exsept... rear.. shes has forward and rear

Hyper Cannons.. they work at long long range. the rest are besic Tropedos with Quantum and Photon loadout.

I tried my best to scale her to BC and not OVERPOWER her liek my other ships.. if you want to utterly blow up stuff Try the Avalon Trinity or Valkyre Class.

Have fun!

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