Gothic 3 - Console Fix

This is a quick fix for the graphical console glitch....

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Gothic 3 - Console Fix

This is a quick fix for the graphical console glitch. I've tested it on ver 1.8 and 1.9 successfully.

If you install the files correctly, a Filename Dialog window should appear shortly after you load the game. This is a good sign and means the game has recognized the un-paked files. It’s a small price for the use of the console.

Download the file. (_compiledImage.rar)

Place it in your \Gothic III\Data directory and extract it.

The directory structure should look like something like this now:


The files: blue, white, yellow, NumbersTex and Fontdefault should all be in the \_compiledImage directory.

All the rest in the \_intern directory.

Remember to set: TestMode=true in the ge3.ini

Run Gothic 3.

¬ to bring up the console.

Good gaming.


This has only been tested off fresh G3 installs – save games don’t seem to affect it.

The test system is an Intel P4 with ATI X1900, graphics driver 6.11

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