Lawdogs v2 Patch

This update will bring your western themed UT2003

  • Category First Person
  • Size 57.9 MB
  • Program by LawDogs Team

Lawdogs v2 Patch

This update will bring your western themed UT2003 modification to the second release from a v1.0 install. See more information for details.

Version 2 Change List

- Fixed can't suicide whilst in vehicle.

- Fixed 'incompatible game file' messages.

- Added 'use' to controls settings menu.

- Fixed gold spawning on jump pads.

- All players' names displayed when you point at them.

- HUD portraits corrected.

- Fixed ammo displaying wrong after entering vehicle with no ammo.

- Fixed vehicle driver appears rotated wrong online.

- Maybe fixed vehicle driver sometimes not appearing online.

- Fixed HUD dissapearing after leaving vehicle.

- Maybe fixed vehicle attachments coming apart.

- Fixed being able to enter vehicles through walls.

- Fixed throwing weapons giving extra ammo.

- Bowie/Machete now auto-fire on contact.

- Miscellaneous other small fixes and additions.

- Added map: BuckersCrossing

- Various map fixes/improvements.

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