3D Spades Deluxe

Play Spades with dozens of colorful computer opponents or...

  • Category Traditional
  • Size 38.8 MB
  • Program by Freeverse Software

3D Spades Deluxe

Play Spades with dozens of colorful computer opponents or online against real people from around the globe.

The only computer card game that actually feels like a card game.

Say goodbye to flat, slow, lifeless card games. Stop struggling with compilations that make you wonder if the designers have ever played the real game before. Start playing cards the way you want to play, with some of the most life-like characters you've ever met. Freeverse's 3D Card Games put the fun back into online card games.

Have a seat.

Most computer card games put you above the table, leaving you feeling like you're glued to the ceiling, watching a game. Freeverse's 3D Card Games puts the user in the game, surrounding you with a varied cast of characters and lush environments. Play with and against humans, aliens, or even a giant, each with their own personality and mannerisms.

Detailed game rooms add to the feeling of actually being there. When you've tried playing in Central Park, at a kitchen table, on a cruise ship, or even in Wonderland, you'll never want to go back to patterened backgrounds again.

Effortless online play.

With the GameSmithâ„¢ game server technology, you can be online and playing against people from around the world in just a few clicks. No web pages with clunky Java applets to load - the same full-featured interface you play offline is the one you play online, with easy to use game finding services and enhanced features for communicating with other players. Add in automatic rankings, user-controlled privacy settings, and helpful players and staff, and you've got one of the best free online gaming communities around.

Get into the game.

With Freeverse's PicturePuppets, making yourself a character in the game couldn't be easier. Just drag and drop a picture onto the game window, and your picture becomes your identity, automatically sent and displayed to all other players. While other games may make you play Frankenstein hunting for just the right body parts, PicturePuppets gives you limitless possibilities for expressing yourself online.

Cards your way.

Everyone learns cards differently - some people have been playing since birth with their family's rules, others are just getting started. Our 3D Card Games allow you to customize the rules and interface, so you can play by the rules you're most comfortable with.

* Three levels of AI plus three different play styles allow you to customize your partners and opponents.

* Customizable rules allow you to turn on and off specific rules pertaining to each game, allowing for countless possibilities.

* In-game tutor and telepathy options allow you to learn at your own pace and pick up the game naturally. Included help files explain rules, strategy, and tips to help you become a better player.

* Interface options allow you to change the speed of game play, alter the chattiness of the computer, and tweak the interface to your liking.

Made by Freeverse, the card game experts.

Freeverse Software is a respected leader in computer card games, with hundreds of thousands of users downloading and playing its games in the last ten years. While our competitors may treat their card games as just a sub-division of their product line, Freeverse continues to up the ante for online and solo card gaming. Play one game, and you can tell the difference.

* 3D animated, interchangeable, talking opponents.

* Simple, elegant and fun Internet Play

* Best card game engine "inna da world."

* Tons of animated, speaking opponents.

* Difficulty levels ranging from easy to cutthroat.

* All the most popular rule variations.

* Demo game mode and a full tutorial for beginners!

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