Serious Cel-Shaded City

A map for Serious Sam: The Second Encounter...

Serious Cel-Shaded City

A map for Serious Sam: The Second Encounter.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Serious Cel-Shaded city--------------------------------------------------------------





Type : Single Player Level for Serious Sam: The Second Encounter

Name : Serious City (Work-in-Progress)

File name : Serious cell-shaded

Players : 1 Player

Release Date : 15th August, 2003, probaly will be complete in maybe .... November?

Author : One is Serious

Email : I dunno

New Textures : A couple from and one i Made

New Models : No

New Sounds : Yes

New Music : Yes, got it from


Description|: Uhh... a part of my new map only one building is there for you to go through though. My first un-complete released map.

Known Issues|: Uhhh.... It's a big file with no mipping so it might be slow



INSTALLATION|: X-tract the map,thumbnail,and vis file into your Serious Sam : SE

------------ folder, for example C:\Games\SeriousSam: The Second Encounter/Levels/LevelsMp, and then put the gro file in your Main SS Folder.


Credits|: Me for making the map and testing it.

Thanks to the Q3evil guys wherever they are.

Thanks Nifran for your great tex pack too.

and uhhh........ i dunno.


Copyright by one is serious

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