DM Morbias

Extremely brutal, fast paced and gory

DM Morbias

Extremely brutal, fast paced and gory. This is the final version of my Quake III Arena remake of Unreal's dm-morbias.


version: 2.0 final

title: Dm-Morbias

author: Predator

email: [email protected]


gametypes: all but ctf

description: Unreal's Dm-Morbias for Quake III Arena

comment: includes some textures and sounds from other

games listed below

thanks: developers of Quake III, Blood 2, Return To

Castle Wolfenstein, Unreal and UT.

[Map info]

The map is named dm-morbias and it is a simple, extremely fast and

gory arena for 2-8 players. Only grenade launcher, rocket launcher and

BFG are present. This map is a Quake III version of the original

Unreal's Dm-Morbias.

This is the final version of dm-morbias. Some texture and lightning

changes were made.

This version also supports CTF, which is extremely brutal. ;-)

[How to install]

Place dm-morbias.pk3 in your baseq3 directory. That's all.

Arena and AAS files are included. If you want to start via console

type "\map dm-morbias".


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