Aliens Vs Predator 2 Tools Utility (Unsupported)

This is the file of tools for your Aliens vs...

Aliens Vs Predator 2 Tools Utility (Unsupported)

This is the file of tools for your Aliens vs. Predator 2 title and has been reviewed and approved by Sierra Localization (Dublin), Fox Interactive Quality Assurance, and Monolith Quality Assurance. See additional information for important notes.

Note: This file does NOT update a version number. This file is NOT meant for force download by This file DOES require that the user has a valid installation of Aliens Versus Predator 2 version to install.

Please note that these tools are provided "as-is" and are not officially supported by Monolith Productions, LithTech Inc., Fox Interactive or Sierra Entertainment. INSTALLATION AND USE OF THE TOOLS CAN RENDER YOUR INSTALLED VERSION OF AvP2 INCOMPATIBLE WITH OTHER USERS ONLINE, OR EVEN COMPLETELY UNUSABLE. AN INSTALLATION OF AvP2 MODIFIED BY THE TOOLS CANNOT BE COVERED BY SIERRA TECH SUPPORT. These tools do not include game source code.



What's included in this package:

- DEdit, the AvP2 world editor (also contains texture and sprite


- ModelEdit, the AvP2 model editor.

- LithRez, a command-line program for packing and unpacking AvP2

.REZ (Resource) files.

- Softimage 3.7 exporters.

- Maya and 3d Studio Max Exporters

- Sample level files.

- Documentation (including step by step instructions for using

DEdit and ModelEdit).

- Links to on-line resources

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