StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty - Map Pack #4

This is the 4th map pack put together by various Mappers and...

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StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty - Map Pack #4

This is the 4th map pack put together by various Mappers and it contains 20 maps. See More Information for details of each map.

Final Fantasy Combat System

Trying to mimic final fantasy type combat.

When in world map region move unit close to enemy.

This will cause you to enter a battle with a group of enemies in a different region.

Actions controlled via dialog menu system.

Current setup:

Attack - choose which enemy to attack

Magic - Damage (Fire, Ice, Shock) <- does random damage and cannot kill enemy

Magic - Support (Rage, Barrier, Cure) <- currently not implemented

Item - (Heal Potion, Mana Potion) <- currently not implemented

Run (Exit combat return to world map region)

Cancel (return to previous menu)

Zombie Survival Deadwood

You have crashed landed on a unknown planet, a few moments later, you feel something is happening to you. Your squad scientist found out that the air is poisoned, and according to the readings the poison is coming from five infested buildings. If we don’t destroy the buildings in one hour, we will die and turn into a infected being.

This is a 4 player map, were you fight the Infected AI, with Hero’s. Destroy 5 key structures to win the map, do this in 45 min or you die and turn into a infected.

The Battle of the Plains

The Battle of the plains is a fictional scenario that I have made myself based on Dynasty Warriors maps (large battlefields). It is a 6 player game that is a 3v3 battle. There are spawning points (Units spawn every 16 seconds at Spawning Gates) that allow you to enlarge your army and attack your enemies. If you lose your spawning gate, you will lose your unit spawn. Every player has 3 spawning gates. Battle across the dark and foggy terrain with low sight radius as ambushes can easily be planned.

Vexor's Quest

While in the starting process of learning the Galaxy Editor I created this map. It's a Single Player RPG(Zelda-ish) game where you collect items, talk to townsmen, learn abilities, fight monsters/bosses, and reluctantly listen to the mediocre story. :P

The boss battles are unique in the fact that they don't just stand around waiting for you to kill them. They will taunt you and there will be plenty of summons during battle under certain circumstances. While it is beatable.

Nexus Destroyers

Buy units to fight in the arena, objective kill the enemy Nexus.

If your units die, you will be given minerals to purchase more units.

Every 20,000 you gain an extra 1 mineral per spawn and 1 vespene gas.

Kill All Owned Units: If you need to quickly change the units you purchased, use the sacrifice ability from the command center however you will be penalized the cost of the units killed.

Planetary Fortress

Third person shooter. Pick from one of nine classes and battle against your friends (and enemies) for supremacy of control points!

Cat and Mouse

The classic cat and mouse redone for SC2. Just like the sc1 version, but built much better. Gameplay: A multiplayer map only. The cat(s) is randomized out of all the players playing. When a mouse, your job is to kill all the cats. When a cat, your job is to kill all mice. Cat has 2 sources of income. Various gold bases around the map. You gain more mineral income, but is also more open to cat.

Isle of the Doomed

Terran Single Player Melee vs Zerg AI supported by ongoing attackwaves set on a small jungle island.

WC3 Resources

The Warcraft III resource collecting system put into SC2. Allowing you to cut down trees and mine for gold.

Zerg Multiplayer Practice: MMM Defence

This is a map to practice defending against MMM attacks. You can create any Zerg army and specify the makeup of the attack.

The map is a bit like the challenge maps but you have much more options. You start with the southern main/natural/highground bases on metalopolis, and you can quickly create your army and specify how much marines/marauders/medivacs you will encounter with what upgrades. When you press ready, the terran army will spawn at the high yeald and attack your base.

To create your army you can instantly get any upgrade from the corresponding building or spawn units instantly from a giant overseer called "the spawner" (which dissapears when battle starts).


You are the Cho'jin, rampage through the city to your target. Gain energy by toasting them with your fire breath. Restore life by decimating your enemies with your mighty powers.Hold down control to rotate the camera.

Baneling Arena

A 3rd person shooter FFA style map, where multiple types of banelings make up your arsenal. Game modes and maps are selected at the start of each match, allowing for a variety of gameplay.

SpineCrawler D!v 2.0

Just like the old one. Enemies come from the top bottom left and right and all four corners. You spend your money on either more drones for crawlers or for units that do extra damage vs some of the waves! it's set up for 1 player testing and can be altered to play at one of the corners or for multiple people to play.

Dred Canyon

This map was designed for Melee or CoOp play. Max Players is 4 vs 4 and comes in a Hostiles and Diet (non-Hostiles) Version. What is the Hostiles Version you ask? Its a Melee map that includes Hostile AI forces (meaning Hostile to everyone) to prevent Cheap Win Strategies like Peon Rushing or Turret Rushing. Regular rushes should still be able to find a way through as I did not intend to prevent normal early game rushes.


Eight player spellcasting arena battle. Master your spells and outsmart your opponents with them. Seven different game modes. Four arenas. Empty player slots or players who leave will be replaced by an AI with four difficulty settings that can be changed on the move.

The Thing

Survivors are stranded on a abandoned installment where they must figure out who is the thing and kill them before the are killed themselves


Cliff Jumping

There are 3 ressource pools on this map for two players. The 3rd can just be reached by air. Be careful, this map is really small.

Bel'shir Wildlands

4v4 Team Melee Shared Bases, Two teams of four battle it out for control of the Bel'shir Wildlands.

Space Hunters

This is the Release Candidate of the map.

8 Players Map:

- FreeforAll

- 4vs4

- 3v3

Transition Alt

A 1v1 Melee map. Has 3 paths on each half, one blocked by rocks. It has two watch towers overlooking the center. There is a main, natural, distant expansion, blocked expansion, island (land island) expansion, and gold. This should make for an epic map with the different paths, the

size, and the minerals.

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