Boreality - Half-Life SP Mission

A dark and claustrophobic single-player map pack for...

Boreality - Half-Life SP Mission

A dark and claustrophobic single-player map pack for Half-Life. Nine maps for you to play.


Long-winded Preamble (added October 4, 2002)


This section is pointless so skip it.

Well, as you can see below, this text file is actually dated the 20th of August, 2001, which means more than a year has elapsed since this text file was last touched. And I seem to remember that more than a year was elapsed since this map pack was finished and the text file was last touched. So this map pack is being released more than two years after it was actually finished.

WHY!!??? Well, the foremost reason is that I had some difficulty getting it uploaded to fileplanet. You see, they said they wanted a link to somewhere else on the Internet where the file could be copied from... Hey baby, if I HAD anywhere else to upload the freakin' file I wouldn't be BOTHERING you, EH!? (These days they let you upload right from your hard drive.) They refused to respond to my e-mails or help forms and I basically grew so weary with the whole thing that I forgot about it for a year. After a year I tried again; same result. By this time I DID have my own webspace, but it forbade outside linking to files so it was useless anyway. Now it's been two years and I'm willing to try again. I have to say, the new upload system is a long-overdue improvement.

Now, this map pack is stupidly dark and claustrophobic. Just read the walk-thru just so you don't have to bumble around all day in a tiny tunnel with only that useless flashlight. The second map was based on my house--everybody needs to produce a MYHOUSE map at some point, that's just how it is. The third map is an insanely huge and complex sewer maze. I was trying to make an enormous, fully-explorable environment in the tradition of Theif: The Dark Project. Tragically, this map is by far the most hideous offender in terms of being dark and claustrophobic, which kind of kills the charm.

Anyway, even if the map pack sucks, please visit my website:

Incidentally, there isn't anything to do with Half-Life on my website at the time I'm typing this, but there used to be, and there might be again in the future. Yes, I use the name "Sejuay" on my website instead of "Gibmaker", so don't think you're in the wrong place.

I thought I told you to skip this section anyway.

And if you use OpenGL, please turn it off. This map pack was not built with the various features of OpenGL in mind; the way it makes the water all wobbly, and the way it cuts off rendering after a certain distance.





by Gibmaker

[email protected]


Part 1 - Story


In a last-ditch attempt to escape Black Mesa with their lives, a militia of scientists, among them Gordon Freeman from Sector C, swarmed a small airstrip and hi-jacked the helicopters there, intending to fly them to the nearest major city and safety.

There were many casualties but the plan seemed to be successful - the survivors got the aircraft up and it did not appear that they were being pursued... Things looked optimistic.

But then... there was strange interference in the air. Radio signals were garbled. The instruments were measuring high levels of atomic activity. Suddenly, a giant warp rift opened around them and the whole fleet disappeared into it...

Gordon Freeman came to drifting down on a parachute towards a dark feild of snow. His suit was registering extreme cold but the sheild was holding. He hit the ground awkwardly and threw the parachute off of himself.

There was a small cabin in front of him, buried under snow up to the second floor balcony. He crawled in through the balcony doors and... heard the unmistakable squeaking of headcrabs nearby.

There's snow everywhere, he thought. So this can't be Black Mesa. So why are there monsters here? Where am I? ... And how do I get back?


Part 2 - Specs


Map pack name: Boreality Part 1


Author: Eric Hopkins (aka Gibmaker)

Size unzipped: ~22.5 MB

Editors Used: Worldcraft 3.3


Zoner's Half-Life tools

misc wav and bmp editors

Build Time: I don't know.

Compile Time: I don't know! Who freakin' cares!?

Single Player? Yes.

Multiplayer? No.

New Sounds? Yes.

New Textures? Yes.

New Models? Yes.


That smashed up helicopter in the intro map used to be a prefab by JediCow5 before it got smashed up.

The rest of the prefabs are all in the house area. They all came from Prefab Lab.

Toilet: Lord Dakushna

Washer/Dryer: Brian Wheeler

Pc, Keyboard: Revolver


3d Cafe, for some of the textures

Gearbox (Opposing Forces), for some more of the textures

Neil Manke (They Hunger), for even more of the textures

Nick "Crinity" Coombe, for the 'arctic night' sky map

Rory Squires, for his sensual voice acting and playtesting

Brian Hopkins, for sparing us his voice and also for playtesting

Sean MacFarlance, for nothing, since he doesn't exist. I made him up.

Valve, for some reason I can't remember.

Pyxaron for his file server.

Giving credit to people is fun.

*** The rest of this stupid readme file is irrelevant to put here. Please download the map pack if you're aching to read the rest of the readme.

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