Larocket83 Paintball v1.0

A paintball mod for Ghost Recon...

Larocket83 Paintball v1.0

A paintball mod for Ghost Recon. The most realistic paintball mod for Ghost Recon available. Version 2 coming this summer.

Larocket83 Paintball v1.0

A realistic and detailed paintball mod for Ghost Recon, with over 30 markers, paint grenades, and paint mines. New character models were also created. Version 2.0 will be coming later this summer, with some multiplayer additions and more detailed and diverse weapons, sounds, and weapon statistics.

This is a paintball conversion for Ghost Recon. Desert Siege and Island Thunder recommended. If there are major issues, feel free to email me.

Contributors: Larocket83- Modeling, textures, mod creator

Dekela- Submitted Custom reticles

Solid Snake- Submitted Custom sounds

Thanks to you guys for helping out. And thanks to anyone who downloads this mod. Enjoy!

Email: [email protected]

Conditions Of use:


You may not modify or alter any of the files contained within this modification, or its components without written consent from the author. Installation and use of this modification, and its components is done so at your own risk. Those that contributed to this mod will not be held responsible for any damage incurred to your system, or any of its components by this modification.This mod is not endorsed or made by Red Storm Entertainment or Ubi Soft Entertainment.

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