MapMixer010 Beta 1

UT2003 Mutator that adds custom map list and mutator list...

MapMixer010 Beta 1

UT2003 Mutator that adds custom map list and mutator list support, plus more.

MapMixer is a mutator for Unreal Tournament 2003 that was inspired by XMaps (designed for the original UT -

It is a project in development but currently provides the following functionality for UT2003.

o Custom Map Lists

o Map List Shuffling

o Key assignable Map List Navigation

o Map Player Count Matching

o Custom Mutator Lists

o Per Game Type Custom Mutator Lists

o Per Map Custom Mutator Lists

o Enable and Disable Mutators

o Abort Match Start Countdown

o Show Scoreboard at Match End with Customisable Countdown

o End Game Map Switch On or Off with Customisable Countdown

o Mutator Configuration Interface

o Console Commands

HTML documentation is provided and is recommended reading.

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