SH2 Projekt Messerwetzer v1.03 Patch

This unofficial patch PM103 is authorized by Ubisoft and...

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SH2 Projekt Messerwetzer v1.03 Patch

This unofficial patch PM103 is authorized by Ubisoft and adds the Silent Hunter II/Destroyer Command Microsoft DirectPlay conversion for multiplayer and singleplayer upgrade.



Begin with an UN-MODDED FULL INSTALLATION of Silent Hunter II, patched to the 1.1 interop level.

You can obtain the Version 1.1 Interop Patch. Be patient; it’s a large file and a VERY slow site.

- Double click the Projekt Messerwetzer installer.

- The installer will find your installation of Silent Hunter II by looking for its’ entry in the registry.

- If you wish to install to this location, then select the OK button.

- If you have more than one installation of Silent Hunter II and would like to install Projekt Messerwetzer to other than the one found by the installer, use the browse button to select the folder where the other installation of Silent Hunter II resides on your hard drive.

-Make sure you select Yes when asked if you want your current files backed up.


Testing was performed with the following configuration (SH2 1.0 + SH2 1.1 interop patch + Projekt Messerwetzer). Use of Community “MODS” are the responsibility of the player, and are neither recommended nor supported.


To Uninstall this product, open the Add/Remove Programs Windows Control Panel applet.

- Select Project Messerwetzer from the list.

- Select Uninstall.

- When asked if you would like to do a “rollback” select Yes.

- The game files in use before you installed Projekt Messerwetzer will be restored.


1. Converted from RTime to Microsoft DirectPlay. Overall multiplayer stability has increased exponentially.

2. MP game hosting will migrate to another host if host player is disconnected or quits.

3. Manual dive plane control added.(see single player F1 help for keys, and the NOTES section below for details).

4. “Rig for Silent Running” in game button now reduces detectability of U-Boat by 50% under certain conditions.

5. Periscope is automatically lowered at 40 meters or deeper and cannot be raised until U-boat is at a depth of 40 meters or less.

6. Torpedo camera is disabled when external view is disabled in the MP realism settings.

7. Time Compression enabled beyond 16x in MP games (but NOT recommended; see NOTES below).

8. Damage to ships may grow worse over time, as in real life this happens to all units in the game, including the player’s ship.

9. Secondary explosions are now enabled.

10. Magazine explosions are now enabled.

11. F1 (help screen) disabled during Multiplay to prevent accidental game pause.

12. If game is paused by a player who quits or is disconnected, remaining players can now unpause the game and continue to play.

13. Torpedoes are now armed at the appropriate times and ranges orignally set in the game code.

14. Deck Gun and AA gun stations are unavailable during heavy seas or when running with decks awash.

15. Under extremely heavy sea conditions, Bridge and UZO views (F8, F9) may become unavailable.

16. Map Notes fixed.

For other updates, see the Projekt Messerwetzer center on the web.


1. Interop play with Destroyer Command now supported.

2. Team chat now working; before DC PM, all chat went to all players regardless of team.

3. Phantom deckgun station button on type II and type XXI boats which start scenario submerged fixed.


Please see the How-To PM.pdf in the SH2 folder on your hard drivefor directions on how to host or join a game


1. The only way to get the AI crew to resume control of the planes after using the manual diveplane feature is to either select a depth from one of the depth dials (F4 or Q), or setting a preset depth from the shortcut keys (S/D/P).

2. UbiSoft’s game lobby and other online gaming clients (Gamespy) are no longer supported with this product; DirectPlay is incompatible with RTime. To find online opponents, we recommend the Sub Club Wolfpack League.

3. There is no longer a Dedicated Server option; Connectivity is peer to peer, IP-only.

4. Subs will only hear active sonar pings from Destroyers intermittently; this is a Pre-PM bug that will be fixed in the next release.

4. When you select the MP Mission as host, you MUST DOUBLE CLICK the mission or you will only see one side (axis or allies). If you forgot to double click on it, back up a couple of screens and try it should work just fine.

5. To select a ship in the pre-game menu, again, double click. Once you choose a ship, you are locked in.

For other updates, see the Projekt Messerwetzer center on the web.


1. Although internet connection speeds are far less an issue than they were with the RTime version of Silent Hunter II, it is important that player ping times to the host be as low as possible throughout the game (below 200 milliseconds produces the best results; see the included How-To-PM document for details on how to perform a ping).

2. It has been found that faster host computers (700 MHz or faster) with fast internet connections and memory in excess of 256 megabytes produce the highest quality multiplayer games. We recommend that the computer of a player who is NOT the host be NO SLOWER than a PIII-550 with 256 megabytes of ram.

3. Slower host computers and/or higher ping times will result in the following:

- Unit icons may appear to "wiggle" in the CIC Map screen.

- Units may appear to "jump", sometimes several hundred or even several thousand meters.

4. Time Compression for long periods can and will produce strange ship positioning anomalies and should be avoided if possible.

5. As with all multiplayer games, there are issues that you may encounter which are beyond programmatic control. The internet is a big place. Slow data transfer can and does happen, and is beyond anyone’s control.

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