Alternate Fire v2.0

This is a great new mod for Quake3 that changes up the...

Alternate Fire v2.0

This is a great new mod for Quake3 that changes up the standard Quake3:Arena for some awesome action and gameplay.

Here is what you can expect from version 2.0:

full bot support

offhand grappling hook server option

vampiric health that alternates for mega health and small health spheres

shiny new effects (blow up an ammo box or two for fun, and try the slightly-altered BFG overload)

customizeable secondary effects colors for the radius rail and BFG overload (change the "color2" var in the console, or change it in the SETUP->PLAYER menu)

weapon switch factor (starts at 0.25 so it takes 1/4 the amount of time to switch weapons as it would normally), which makes the defensive attacks much more useful, and makes some pretty fiesty combos possible

projectiles will bounce off of bouncepads (don't worry you can still rocket-jump off of them)

you can toss whatever flags you have - press the "use" key to do it

new sounds

altered physics: some vertical air control (use the jump and duck keys while you're in the air), and a little more horizontal air control

better game balance in TDM (spawn with more gauntlet and machinegun ammo, and weapons respawn by default every 20)

a bunch of little fixes and tweaks to smooth things out

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