Summoner Patch v1.40 (German)

Here is the v1.40 patch for your adventuring RPG title from...

Summoner Patch v1.40 (German)

Here is the v1.40 patch for your adventuring RPG title from Volition. See additional information on what fixes are included.

The 1.40 update fixes minor problems with Radeons and other Direct3D

cards, plus other minor changes.

Here is a list of fixes in the 1.30 version of Summoner:

- Fixed multiplayer bug where player would lose skill, hit, and ability

points in the swamp exterior.

- Tightened up multiplayer combat so that client side hits and chains

work more accurately.

- Tightened up mutiplayer combat so that monster should no longer

stand in place and take combat hits from a player without fighting back.

- Fixed multiplayer summon crashes (aka the blue imp crash).

- Armor that is removed on a mutliplayer player is now properly

registered across all machines. Before, a client could remove armor

and it would only be noticable on that player's machine.

- Weapon animations should now be playing correctly for all players

and all weapon types.

- Fixed mouse laziness on certain D3D cards.

- The level limit restriction has been changed from 10 to 99

- Other various fixes

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