Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Josh's Alternate Spell System [Beta]

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  • Program by Yoshi En Son

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Josh's Alternate Spell System [Beta]

This is a Beta Release! Please PM me on the official Forums with any questions or concerns.

What will this mod do?

There will be three methods of acquiring spells:

- Reading Tomes -- By reading tomes your character will be able to learn new spells - or upgrade thier existing spells. Tomes will be very helpful in aiding of spell research as well.

- Researching spells at one of the various Alters -- Using the spellmaking altars has been changed. In Vanilla Oblivion researching spells requires gold and a high enough level in the particular school of magic; with the JASS system, a player wishing to conduct research will benefit from having high level skills, but without access to several Tomes and Research notes - that character will be completely unable to research spells anywhere near his or her potential - see below for more information on this.

- Learning spells from NPC's through the course of gameplay -- Some NPCs will be willing to sell a spell or two that they have researched

This BETA is an OMOD. Only download if you use OBMM. If you wish to download OBMM it can be located at http://www.tessource.net/files/file.php?id=2097

INSTALLATION: Place the omod file into your Oblivion/OBMM/Mods/ folder, load up OBMM and double-click JASS to install - if you have any errors with that, PLEASE contact me ASAP.

Please read both the README and the DESCRIPTION by right clicking on JASS from inside of OBMM once it has been installed.

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