Supreme Commander Beta v3.0 - v3.8 Patch

This patch will update your beta client to v3.8 from the...

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Supreme Commander Beta v3.0 - v3.8 Patch

This patch will update your beta client to v3.8 from the previous v3.0 version. Only used with people that are currently in the Supreme Commander Beta.

Need the FULL CLIENT? Download it here! Please note that only people that are currently in the closed beta of Supreme commander will be able to use this client.

Beta 38 Release Notes

Please check out the game's readme file, located by default at C:\Program Files\THQ\Gas Powered Games\Beta\Supreme Commander\gamedata\readme.txt. The readme contains expanded information about the Multiplayer Beta.

Beta 38 Release Notes

Full integration from the game's main development branch, reflecting many changes to the game's code base. Only the highlights are included here.

Several color, prop, texture, normal map and effects adjustments throughout the game.

Several animation and animation speed adjustments throughout the game, including a major fix for “floating units.”

General game balance adjustments to several units. Highlights are included below.

Cybran and UEF T1 light assault bots and Cybran heavy assault bots are now inaccurate when moving.

All T1 AA towers have faster projectiles to perform better against all T1 aircraft.

UEF ACU tactical missiles now have a cost.

T3 mass extractors and fabricators now produce 1/3 less mass.

Cybran air superiority fighters are now created with stealth off by default.

The build rates for the Aeon siege assault bot and Cybran heavy assault bot have been decreased.

The ACU’s death explosion has been modified to guarantee an attacking ACU’s destruction.

ACUs and subcommanders can no longer fire from transports.

Subcommanders can now build the same units as a T3 engineer.

Increased the walk animation on the Cybran light and heavy bots so they don't skate anymore.

Cybran build assist bots no longer show up on radar.

Fixed the "commander-in-the-transport" bug that inappropriately awarded upgrades to commanders after taking a ride in a transport.

Fixed units that lacked appropriate vision.

Submarine units that start underwater will now have their vision on, instead of requiring the player to tell them to surface and then dive.

Fixed Czar laser to turn off, if firing, when the unit dies.

Fixed Czar transported units not working up to par.

Stealth toggle now toggles both stealth and stealth field. This was causing stealth generator units to "flicker" when they were toggled off.

ACUs no longer selectable and usable during the beginning of the teleport effect.

Cybran ACU gets toggle buttons for cloak with upgrade now.

Anti-tactical missile structures will no longer shoot down nukes.

Fixed loading of transports by the AI leaving behind too many units.

T3 engineering suite for ACUs now allows experimental units to be built

Additional fixes to anti-nuke units -- they will no longer fire if they have zero missiles, the count will no longer enter negative numbers and the unit will fire an appropriate number of missiles.

Transport beacons can now be seen and can't be captured or reclaimed.

Cybran bots spawned from engineers will Guard instead of Repair as assisted unit, meaning the bots will fly around the assisted unit.

Aeon Torpedo Bomber: Slight change to flight dynamics of depth charge; no tuning impact.

Improved the motion of the UEF MML's missile to be more curved and with a missile-like acceleration, and changed flight dynamics so it can hit nearby targets.

Fixes nuke damage radius between factional nukes.

Aeon T3 Artillery: Slight increase to firing randomness.

Adjacency effects will now only run once between units, stopping double FX lines and improper benefit effects.

Fixed engineers not pathing around naval factories correctly near shore.

Units now disable their shields when being transported. Gunships can once again fire when they are transporting, since shields are turned off when transporting.

Added in raised platforms for the engineers to come off of on the Aeon factories.

Added more enhancements to the UEF ACU.

Fixed paused construction units, which were not stopping build effects.

Moved the back button for the lobby.

Removed the back button from the options menu in the front end.

Ctrl + A, S, L no longer select factories.

Ambient sounds on turret motion adjusted.

Corrected installer shortcuts.

Removed the home/end key functionality of split windows.

Rebuilt all non-VO sounds to fix "invalid data" error.

Change diplomacy column header to be more accurate.

Fixed lobby bug where lobby would launch a game even when teams were not set up correctly.

Fixed a bug that broke in-game alliances.

Moved the back button on the EULA screen to be more obvious.

Now drawing ping times in red/yellow/green depending on the connection status.

Added ping times to observers.

Fixed the width on the lobby chat box.

Cancel button should now work properly in the profile dialog.

Updated economic overlay art (the art that "hovers" over units when the economic filter is turned on).

Changing profiles results in main menu options getting updated.

Additional GPGNet Release Notes (1.5.23 and 1.5.26)

In the list of persistent chat rooms, you'll see an option for Create Channel and Select Channel, allowing navigation and options for users to switch chat rooms.

When you create a channel, you can name it, make it publicly available, set the max number of users and elect to password-protect it.

When you create a chat room, you are the channel op for that room. Your name appears in yellow, and you have limited admin control over that room (e.g. kick and ban).

Included ability for users to password-protect games.

Included ability for users to use additional right-click context-menu features within the main window of chat.

Fixed bug where some users were experiencing connectivity issues when attempting to automatch while in crowded chat rooms.

Adjusted focus of private messages to prevent messages from stealing focus from each other.

Various fixes for users not appropriately being returned to chat rooms after exiting games.

Fixed crash bug related to COM calls, related to failures to launch GPGNet.

Various bug fixes and fixes for application crashes.

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