Existence Beta v1.0 - v1.2 Patch (Linux Server)

This is the first beta release for this indepth teamplay...

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Existence Beta v1.0 - v1.2 Patch (Linux Server)

This is the first beta release for this indepth teamplay modification for Half-Life named Existence. See more info for feature details.

Beta 1.2 Fixes:

1) Fixed crashing when joining a server (We Hope)

2) Fixed telefragging (Spawning inside someone else)

3) Fixed chat bubble sticking when using cellphone (Removed)

4) Fixed white being casted as a civilian if joining after 90 seconds.

5) Other small bugs.


1) Changed the cellphone's primary fire to buy guns and it's second to team_say

2) If over 14 players join a server you will automatically be a spectator.

3) Blood won't spawn if you shoot a teammate.


If you join a server and you pick a team but never get a character menu try typing chooseteam in the console.Goodnight. Also, if you had beta 1.1, it was not an official beta, it was just used for a test last night.


Story Line Based Objectives - Multiple objectives for both teams follow the storyline behind Existence, each objective interacts with the opposite teams objectives, creating more conflicts.

Dual Weapons - Select single or dual firearms from the available weapons. Control your ammo count by having the ability to fire a desired gun [(left/right) primary/secondary fire]

Limb Damage - Damage inflicted on a player varies depending on where the player is hit, damage animations also show where a player has been hit.

Kung Fu - A kung fu system, selectable from the weapons menu, kicks out the player view to a 3rd person camera angle. Perform a range of 6 kung fu moves, with fast combo moves, or slower strong attacks.

*PLEASE NOTE* The Kung Fu System will NOT be in beta 1. It is likely this feature will be introduced in beta 2.

Knock Down - Strong kung fu moves are capable of knocking down an opponent, leaving them open to another blow, or a gun kill as they get up.

Items - Teams have different arsenals (grenades, pistols, automatiic weapons, shotguns, experimental weapons)

Reward System - Players are rewarded loading points for achieving objectives and frags.

Special moves - Special moves can be performed at any time (flips, rolls, kung fu, etc.)

Special Abilities - Download limited special abilities into your brain via electrical signals, and boost up your bodies kenetics to perform above-average human movements (speed burst, jump boost, high jump, etc)

No Clones - Only ONE character per player is allowed in a server, there won't be multiple justins or james running about.

Continous play - When your character is killed in action you dont sit out and wait for the round to end, your death WILL affect the war... stay tuned..

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