Unreal Tournament 3 - WAR-Valley

WAR-Valley - A Warfare map in a cold, necris infested...

Unreal Tournament 3 - WAR-Valley

WAR-Valley - A Warfare map in a cold, necris infested winter.

A mine stumbled upon during war, many tried to harvest the power, but only the Necris succeeded. Now Axon need the valuable Tarydium crystals meaning only one thing. Axon must wage war against the Necris to obtain it's hidden secrets, the hidden dark power, and all that lies in the depths of the Valley.

Make Something Unreal Submission:


Phase 1: Best Warfare Level

Being an avid Warfare player, i was slowly becoming bored with same old maps, that are great to play, yet i wanted something new and excisting. There was a minimal amount of custom Warfare maps, so there wasn't many to pick from, and even then hardly none online! So i took my free time and put it all into making my first EVER map.

I took ideas i liked from stock maps, So the downtown/ floodgate node setups, the atmosphere of Avalanche. I tried to keep the map even although the terrain is different slightly on both sides, but no advantage either way.

As i'd never made a map laying out ammo/pickups/etc was interesting, i wanted it to again be fair, yet not too ruin the look of the map, pickups are sparse, but players can refresh from lockers. Then came the vehicles, i wanted even, and not too overpowering at the start, with the next nodes to have some power. The Nemesis was a interesting choise, originally i had flying vehicles and then a night shade, but too the Nemesis as it could fight fair with the bender and manta i'd picked for the center and vice versa.

Countdown node was interesting, as i wanted this map to be different i took that countdown node and made it different, 15 core damage from 45 seconds, doesn't seem like much, but it works very nice in gameplay.

I tried to add visual touches, with things like emitters shoot sparks along the various power pylons between the countdown mine and cores. I had been working with flat lighting no Postprocessing all this time, i knew i could make what looked good better! So i did, i completely re-lit the map and added Post processing to the caves and edited the main world PP, which then gave a nice chnage between outside and inside. Overall the map isn't perfect, but i doubt any map ever is or can be. Although i feel the gameplay works well. It's ona few public servers and has seen 5v5 with skilled warfare players to 20v20 publics.

It was selected for the GamersHell PS3 UT3 Map pack, 1 of only two Warfare maps included. The poitive feedback from the PS3 players keeps coming, and the odd bit from the grumpy PC veterans too.

Overall i feel proud, and that ia complished something in 30 days when i started building it, hopefully over time i can see what doesn't play well and fix it, to make it a great map.

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