Global Operations Public Beta

Electronic Arts, Crave Entertainment and GameSpy are excited...

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  • Size 96.6 MB
  • Program by Electronic Arts, Crave, & Barking Dog

Global Operations Public Beta

Electronic Arts, Crave Entertainment and GameSpy are excited to bring you the Public Beta for Global Operations. Enter the world of specialized warfare, where you are put in 13 of the world’s hot spots like Chechnya, Sri Lanka and the South China Seas. Choose from 7 specialties (Sniper, Commando, etc…) and from over 30+ weapons and equipment to go in and accomplish your mission. Only as a team can you defeat the opposition.

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Global Operations

Global Operations Public Beta 1





Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000 or Windows XP (Windows 95 and NT are not supported)

500 MHz Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon processor

128 MB RAM

4x CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive

800 MB free hard disk space which includes space for saved games, swap files and DirectX 8.0a installation

16 MB Direct3D capable video card with DirectX 8.0a compatible driver

DirectX 8.0a compatible sound card




800 MHz or faster Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon processor

128 MB or more RAM

8x or faster CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive

800 MB or more free hard disk space plus space for saved games

32 MB or greater Direct3D capable video card with DirectX 8.0a compatible driver

Microphone and Headphones



56Kbps or faster Internet connection

1 disc/player per computer


TCP/IP compliant network

1 disc/player per computer

Cable modem/DSL recommended for best performance.

This is a public Betatest and is not supported. If you have problems or if you experence bugs, please report them on the Global Operations message forum at

Do not call or e-mail tech support.




If you are installing Global Operations on a NT based OS (Win 2000 or XP) server problems can be created if you try to install multiple copies of Global Operations, so we suggest that you do not install Global Operations without first uninstalling any previously installed versions.

Also, we do not suggest installing on Win 2000 or XP as a Limited user.




The following 16MB or greater 3D accelerators are fully

supported and should work properly with the game:

-Nvidia GeForce3 Titanium 500

-Nvidia GeForce3

-Nvidia GeForce3 Titanium 200

-Nvidia GeForce2 Ultra

-Nvidia GeForce2 Titanium

-Nvidia GeForce2 GTS/Pro

-Nvidia GeForce2 MX

-Nvidia GeForce 256

-Nvidia nForce IGP (Integrate Graphics Processor)

-Matrox G400

-Matrox G450

-Matrox G550

-ATI Radeon 8500

-ATI Radeon 7500

-ATI Radeon

The following 16MB or greater 3D accelerators are not fully

supported and do not work properly with the game:

-3Dfx Voodoo 4 and 5

All menu screens are very corrupted. Many buttons were not viewable and text was missing. In the game, a majority of the screen may be black.

-3Dfx Voodoo 3

There will be some texture corruption in game.

-3Dfx Voodoo Banshee cards

The buttons on all menu screens appear as white boxes. In game - white sky and knife model have no textures. There was random graphical corruption throughout game. The game would lock up a few seconds after a round begins.

-Kyro II cards

Severe graphic corruption may appear onscreen with this card. The newest drivers MAY solve this problem.

-Nvidia TNT and Vanta

These older cards yield poor frame rates.

-NVIDIA TNT2/TNT and Windows 2000

Global Operations may exhibit problems after extended play on Windows 2000 systems using an NVIDIA Riva TNT2 or Riva TNT video card. If you experience this problem, please check the EA Technical Support website for updates.

Display Driver Setup

Global Operations will automatically try to detect the best 3D mode for your hardware. If you have more than one D3D compliant video card in your system, you can manually select the card under Display Options --> Renderer, from the main menu. Select the card that gives you the best performance.

Display Driver Support

Global Operations requires a 3D capable card to run and supports Direct3D.

Important! Check Your Video Card Drivers. If you are having trouble running Global Operations, please make sure you have the most recent drivers available for your video card(s). Consult your video hardware documentation for information about where to find the latest drivers -- usually they can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website. Occasionally, video card manufacturers do not have a driver that works correctly under DirectX 8.0a in Direct3D mode. Installing DirectX 8.0a may fix the problem by updating the driver.

A Brief Overview of the 3D Technology Applied in Global Operations

What is DirectX?

DirectX is an API (Application Program Interface) that allows games designed for Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP to have access to your hardware through a standard interface. Without a standard interface, stable compatibility between games and your computer's hardware would be virtually impossible. With DirectX, game developers can write for this interface, and let your Windows DirectX compatible drivers "talk" to your computer's hardware. Global Operations requires DirectX 8.0a or greater.

You may also refer to the following Microsoft link for more general information on DirectX.

What is Direct3D?

Direct3D is a universal API from Microsoft providing a standard interface for programmers to access your 3D hardware without having to write for specific devices. Most 3D cards support Direct3D. The latest driver package for your card should contain Direct3D drivers for your video card. You may also refer to the following Microsoft link for more general information on DirectX.

Note: You can install DirectX 8.0a from the Global Operations Disc. Go to the DirectX directory and run DXSETUP.EXE.




Some machines will benefit from experimenting with your video options. To access, Select the Options button at the top of the Main Menu:

Under Display>Display, modifying the following can improve performance:

Turn Bit Depth to 16 bit

Make sure that Texture Depth is unchecked.

Under Display>Textures, moving the slide bars to the left can improve performance. You’ll want to experiment with the settings to get the optimal settings.

Under Display>Options, unchecking the options here can improve performance

Under Game>Misc, turning World Decals to low can improve performance

In addition, closing all open applications before running Global Operations will help.

We strongly recommend turning off screensavers and all background tasks before loading GO for increased performance and stability.




Included with Global Operations is a customized version of FastStats (, a third party program which will analyze the logs created by Global Operations and present statistics in html format.

For FastStats to work, logging must be enabled in the front end of the game. Once your game session is ended, use the links from the start menu to generate your statistics. Log files are separately generated for multiplayer games and for single player games.

Server administrators can also run FastStats in conjunction with their dedicated servers to generate real time, web based statistics.





Global Operations requires a dedicated PC in order to host a multiplayer game. If you have a fast connection to the internet (T1 or greater) and a spare machine, you can run a dedicated server. To launch a dedicated server, install GO and run the goserver.exe app in the global operations directory. Set the options and launch the server. If you wish to launch the server without changing options, launch the server with a -s option and the server will launch with using the options in the server.cfg file.

The message of the day can be set by editing the motd.txt file.

The default server is 16 players. Up to 24 players can be set as the max., but only if the PC is fast enough. We recommend at least a 1500MHz PC for more than 16 players.

VOIP must be enabled and the server restarted for clients to use VOIP.




Problem: When running a restricted user account with fast user switching under Windows XP, some games will not start correctly. The game requests that the original disk be placed in the drive, even if it is already present.

Solution: To fix this issue, download and run the file below. This software will not alter or patch any component on your system, it will only change the startup state of the system component needed to start your game from start on demand (on game load), to start at boot (on Windows XP start).

Microsoft Games SafeDisc Windows XP Fix 56Kb

Problem: Some very high resolutions cause my machine to crash or give me a black screen.

Solution: Resolutions over 1024x768 are only partially supported depending on the video card. If these resolutions do not work, please select a lower resolution.




If you have a space in your Profile name, your in-game name will default to player. Just go under Options>Game and manually change the player name.

If you eject the CD during install and reinsert it, installation will proceed as normal. However, you won't be able to cancel the installation once you restart it. The game will uninstall as normal.

Hardware Acceleration must be turned ON under Win98/ME systems or GO will not run.

Installing Global Operations to a directory folder for another game might cause problems. Always install your games to their own directories.

Use of the alt-Tab keys to minimize Global Operations may have adverse effects.




(c) 2002 Crave Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved. Co-published and distributed by Crave Entertainment, Inc. and Electronic Arts Inc. Global Operations, Crave Entertainment and the Crave Entertainment Logo are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Crave Entertainment, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries. Developed by Barking Dog Studios Limited. All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective holders.

LITHTECH(tm) game engine licensed from LithTech, Inc. (c) 1997-2002 LithTech, Inc. All Rights Reserved. LITHTECH and the LithTech logo are trademarks of LithTech, Inc.

Miles Sound System. (c) 1991-2002 RAD Game Tools, Inc.

To find the latest information about Global Operations, please visit our website:

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