SideWinder Game Voice Share v1.3 Beta

SideWinder Game Voice is the complete hardware and software...

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SideWinder Game Voice Share v1.3 Beta

SideWinder Game Voice is the complete hardware and software solution that brings voice to games, whether you're online, on a LAN, or offline. It consists of 5 main components: 2 hardware and 3 software components. This shareware application includes Connection management software using MSN Messenger technology, chat software that enables you to manage your contact list and chat sessions, and voice command software that lets you program voice commands for your games.

With the Game Voice 1.3 Beta, you can:

Easily join server chats from the Game Voice software or the Game Voice Web site.

Modify parameters for voice commands to improve recognition.

Use timed macros to map multiple game actions to a single voice command.

Solve some NAT/Firewall issues through improved connectivity.

Host and join chat sessions with increased stability and scalability, with fewer connectivity issues.


Game Voice 1.3 Beta is not backward compatible with earlier versions of Game Voice. This is because Game Voice 1.3 Beta uses the Direct Play 8 protocol, while earlier versions used the Direct Play 4 protocol. Once you download Game Voice 1.3 Beta, you will not be able to chat with players using earlier versions of the software, and visa versa.

You must download the Game Voice 1.3 Beta in order to join server chat sessions.

All previous updates to Game Voice made with earlier beta versions are also included in the 1.3 Beta, unless otherwise stated.

Microsoft Product Support Services does not provide support for Beta versions of products. Please address all support questions to the Game Voice Support Bulletin Board, or Submit a Support request.

Game Voice technology is based on DirectX® and DirectPlay® APIs. It is not only robust, but-thanks to the popularity of DirectX-it can be used with many games. Game Voice works well with a variety of Internet connections, from 33.6Kbps modems to cable modem, ADSL or LAN connections, delivering great sound and limiting interference.

Game Voice offers four levels of voice processing (CODECS). Quality ranges from walkie-talkie to cellular phone quality, based on your bandwidth. When setting up a chat session, choose the best level for your group's Internet connections and the game you will be playing.

If you are on a modem, you can choose the voice quality level you want. You can compress the voice quality and enhance the performance of the game. Or you can choose higher voice quality and potentially accept some loss of game performance.

Game Voice gives you connection management software built on MSN® Messenger Service technology. So you'll know when your friends are online. You'll be able to see if they have Game Voice, or if they are hosting or participating in a voice chat session. Just click on your friend's name to invite them to play or to join a session.

Gone are the days of having to figure out IP addresses and trying to get connected-Game Voice makes it easy!

Windows 98 users: make sure you download the DirectSound Update. This update is necessary to run Game Voice Share with some games. Windows 2000 or Windows Millennium users do not need to install the update.

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