The Sims 2 Body Shop [US & Europe]

The Sims 2 Body Shop is a stand-alone tool to create &...

The Sims 2 Body Shop [US & Europe]

The Sims 2 Body Shop is a stand-alone tool to create & design unique and diverse Sims that players can use in The Sims 2 and offer to other players.

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Users of The Sims 2 Body Shop will also be able to choose their Sims skin tone, eye color, hair styles, facial hair, makeup, clothes, and more. The tool will give them control over their Sims faces through controls to select from a diverse range of facial types and sliders to fine tune even the smallest details, such as nose length, eyebrow thickness, lip curl, and chin shape. There are over 50 modifier sliders alone!

The Sims 2 Body Shop gives custom content creators the ability to make content that anyone can play with in The Sims 2. Advanced users can take advantage of this powerful tool to design clothing, skins, and accessories, sculpt unique looking facial features, and give their Sims crazy hair colors. They can take a t-shirt and add their face to it, make a set of yellow cat eyes, create a set of scaly green skins, and much more. The possibilities are truly infinite to design cool wardrobes or a cast of outrageous Sims.

The Sims 2 Body shop makes it easy for users to package and post their customized content on The Sims 2 fan sites, trade with their friends by email, or upload their content to Exchange.

By the time The Sims 2 is released, we hope to have thousands of pieces of player-made content available to download and use in the game out of the box.

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