Sacrifice Beta Patch v. 0364.09.26

This small patch updates the Sacrifice Beta to version...

  • Category Real-Time
  • Size 3.1 MB
  • Program by Shiny Entertainment

Sacrifice Beta Patch v. 0364.09.26

This small patch updates the Sacrifice Beta to version 0364.09.26. Grab this self-extracting executable if you had problems with the ZIP archive.


* New Content:

* Added new game types: Slaughter, Domination, Soul Harvest.

* Bug fixes:

* Fixed network resynch hang (oops)

* Fixed kill and gib counts over network.

* Improved gamespy usage: game rooms will now update properly in the list.

* Fixed the cloaked Sylph/guardian bug.

* Better sound skipping protection

* Speech titles work with sound volume at zero

* Wizards for dropped players will now die properly along with all their creatures.

* Chat window now word wraps properly

* Performance:

* Improved network library for better internet play.

* Added new optimization option: texture resolution.

* Added redetect default settings button in options.

* Added option to disable triangle strips for Voodoo 2 users

* Improved memory usage by about 50%.

* Better sound sample memory management

* General:

* Added warning message to game rooms based from a different version - you now cannot join these games.

* Sides no longer go neutral when they lose.

* AI wizard's escort more aggressive

* AI better soul balance measurement

* AI destroys shrines

* AI more apt to desecrate when appropriate

* AI attacks descrated wizards full force

* Text box in chat room now scrolls to hold more text

* Gamespy rooms now display # players under them (although waiting on GSI for this to be correct)

* Improved gamespy room layout.

* Game rooms now show a color based upon ping.

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